DigimarkDigital arena has transformed all around the globe during the last decade. Majority of companies are now spending more on their digital marketing campaigns as compared to conventional marketing tools. The change is a result of increased use of social media and conversion of the desktops into hand-held devices.
TEC (Training, Events, Consultancy) is organizing the 4th iteration of International Digital Marketing Conference, DIGIMARK was held today, on 24th November at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore with the support of Jang Media Group, GEO TV, Mobilink, Brighto Paints, DIC Pakistan. The theme chosen for this year is “Digital Transformation”. The conference has been specifically designed to help Pakistani companies to develop their audience and build traffic, create brand awareness, increase sales, improve customer service, drive greater consumer engagement and develop better use of digital tools internally to drive more productive business outcomes. As many as 450 industry professionals from Pakistan attended the conference.

Digimark speakers


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Bakra Eid – The stage sets in!

The stage sets in!

In the name of Humanity...

hile strolling in the avenue of your town, if you perceive a sound like “Ma’aa… Maaa’a’aa…” from every second house, affirm it that you are on the way to Bakra Eid. Second in the series of Eid festivals, Eid-ul-Azha is marked by Muslim world on 10th of Zul-Hajj every year. It is the memorial of compliance of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismael (AS) for Almighty Allah.

The arrangements for this religious carnival set in motion ten to fifteen days earlier than the event. After fostering their livestock throughout the year, the Bakray walas (the merchants of cattle) march towards the big markets of the cities to sell their animals and earn the income of the entire year.

The expedition of purchasing a healthy Bakra (or any other animal you desire to purchase) at economical rate is not less than a ‘work of genius’. This…

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Coca Cola - Art of Happiness

Coca-Cola Pakistan organized an exhibition, The Art of Happiness, at Al-Hamra Gallery in Lahore on September 20, 2015, as one of the many activities conducted this year for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola Contour bottle. The two-day exhibition that started on Saturday, September 19 and ended on Sunday, September 20, showcased the works of shortlisted students of

Beaconhouse National University, National College of Arts and Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design.
Three lucky finalists were chosen by the panel of judges, Ayesha Jatoi and Zulfiqar Zulfi, as their artwork would be displayed at The World of Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta, Georgia. The winners were also rewarded with cash prizes of Rs. 100,000 each and certificates of appreciation for their participation in the exhibition.
“The Art of Happiness is a medium to celebrate how Coca-Cola as a brand has created opportunities for people to bond and share a moment together by instilling happiness. The art exhibition will take attendees on a unique, multi-sensory journey featuring an array of Coca-Cola ‘contour’ themed art created by the students of participating universities.”, said Fahad Qadir, Director Public Affairs and Communication, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation. “The company took this initiative to encourage young artists to showcase their talent and to promote the art and culture of Pakistan.” he added.

Coca cola Pic 3IMG20150919204451IMG20150919204714Coca Cola Pic 1 IMG_20150919_203946 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 5

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Coke Bank A Book – International Literacy Day Activity

Book Bank CokeTo highlight the importance of literacy for individuals, communities and societies, UNESCO marks International Literacy Day on September 08 each year. On this Day, UNESCO reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally. The theme of the International Literacy Day 2015 is “Literacy and Sustainable Societies”. Here in Pakistan, Asiatic Public Relations Network (Pvt.) Ltd. in association with The Coca-Cola Export Corporation has decided to conduct a meaningful activity on this day.
The proposed activity, Coca-Cola Book Bank, was in fact first conducted at the Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) 2015, in February this year. The primary objective of the activity is to request the public to donate old textbooks (and any other books) to the Book Bank, which in turn will then collect all books and pass these on to The Citizens Foundation (TCF), for use by the less-privileged children studying in TCF schools.
The Book Bank activity at KLF 2015 received great response from the public. It promised good number of donations of books by visitors and visitors, as a token of appreciation, were given complimentary Coke products. Books collected during the Festival were reviewed by The Citizens Foundation (TCF), and all books found suitable for TCF students were taken over by the Foundation. Other books were sold off in the market and the proceeds were also donated to TCF. For this Book Bank activity, old glass-fronted coolers, not in use any more, were refurbished to serve as bookshelves to collect all donated books. Through this activity, 2000+ books were collected and the amount collected by selling off other books was PKR 50,000.
Now in the second phase of the activity, the Book Bank will become mobile in Karachi and will be visiting various locations throughout the day to collect book donations. The Mobile Book Bank will be actually a supply truck of Coke which will be used for storing books and keeping Coke supply to be given complimentary to donors as a token of appreciation from the Company.
So folks, gear up for the noble cause and play your part actively as they rightly say,
“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” :)
The official #CokeBankABook video

Also, if you are willing to donate books to the Coca-Cola Book Bank then you can fill this registration form and the respective personnel will get in touch with you:

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Learning from Golden Memories

In the history of brave nations, the memories of remarkable occasions are always written ingolden words. The recollections of the valorous and heroic deeds of the daring men of such nations fill the human soul with passion.

It was the 6th of September, 1965. On this memorable day, a golden chapter was opened in the history of Pakistan. At 4.00 a.m., the Indian army crossed the boundaries of our country without giving any formal declaration and attacked some major areas of Lahore, Sialkot and Rajhistan. The Indian onslaught took Pakistani forces by surprise. In fact, the Indian forces met with considerable success by capturing some of the vital strategic areas at first. But when our army retorted with counterattacks, the enemy had to face the music. A ferocious land and air attack shattered the wicked planning of the enemy and forced it to retreat.

The splendid performance of Pakistani forces was entirely due to the firmness of faith, invincible spirit, perseverance in the face of adversity and, of course, the constant support of the nation. The steady backing and encouragement of Pakistani people kept up the spirits of our forces. Men, women, intellectuals, students, professionals, servants, singers, actors, doctors; in short, every person belonging to different walks of life played his part.

My Nano, who was 22 at that time, says, “During the War days I used to get up quite early in the morning to prepare ‘halwa puri’ for the soldiers. I, along with my younger sister, who was of 15, cooked scrumptious food very day. My father, fearless of the conditions, used to go to deliver the food to the army men.”

“I remember, I was in class 8 at that time. The enthusiasm and dedication of the students was worth seeing. We were trained for dispensing ‘first aid’. We organised different camps where we used to collect gifts hampers, clothes and other things to send them to the Pakistani forces. We were taught various techniques to protect ourselves in case of an attack. At the siren, we were advised to take refuge in the specially prepared trenches. The same siren would sound again continuously for a few minutes to indicate that the danger was over. But all of us were so passionate that we never bothered to take preventive measures. Rather, we watched the air fight from the top of the roofs, chanting slogans for our air force at the same time,” says my mother, recollecting her activities during the war days, with shining eyes and a smile on her face.

Chacha Bashir, one of the highly esteemed personalities of my town, was in his early forties during that period. Recalling those days, he says, “I can’t describe how we felt when the radio announced the attack of the Indian forces on Pakistan. Young or old, all displayed courage and resolution to thwart the enemy. We gathered near the Wagah Border to help our army, which seemed determined to fulfill its responsibilities. They asked us to pray to Allah and be patient.” While unfolding the happenings of the war, the solidity in the voice of the 85-year-old Chacha Bashir depicted the glory of those moments.

A ‘One (Teday) Paisa Fund’ (a paisa was the customary minimum valued coin at that time) was founded on the appeal of the then President, Ayub Khan, who said that if every Pakistani contributed a single pesa to this fund, two tanks could be purchased for the army. The announcement of this fund further uplifted the nation and a box to collect money for this worthy cause could be seen at almost every shop.

While recalling the fervor and enthusiasm that existed at that time, it would be an injustice not to mention the national songs sung by Madam Noor Jahan. The melodious voice of Malika-e-Taranum filled our soldiers with patriotic fervour. The songs like ‘Ay watan ke sajelay Jawanoon, meray naghmay tumharay liya hain’, ‘Satheeyo satheeyo mujahido, jag utha ha sara watan…’ and a Punjabi one ‘Ayy putar hattan tay nhi wikday, tu labdi phiray bazaar puray’ filled the whole nation with enthusiasm.

It’s a mere a glimpse of the unity shown by our nation and the bravery of our forces. What a supreme level of unity it was! Sometimes, when I try to compare today’s nation with that of 1965, I really become perplexed. What has happened to us? Though I believe that we still have almost the same passion, courage and same devotion hidden somewhere inside us, we lack something. Our passion, spirit and love remain unchanged and those who deny this ought to observe the spirit of the nation when we suffered from the earthquake catastrophe. It’s just that today, everyone is busy with his own life. The slogan, ‘proud to be a Pakistani’ has been replaced by ‘proud to be wealthy’.

Everyone of us wants his own betterment only. Due to the prevailing nepotism in our country, only the kinfolks of the high ups get lucrative jobs. And the professionals either fly to foreign countries or shed tears at their destiny.

The selfishness in our attitudes is draining the love and cheerfulness out of our lives. Now we don’t even bother to know what’s going on in the house next door. The people who used to sacrifice their lives for others are now looting their fellow countrymen.

What is to be done in such circumstances? All we need is a change in the direction of our thinking – from ‘self-interest’ to ‘national-interest’. By doing so, we can bring a resolution undoubtedly. This year, let’s commemorate the Defense Day by learning this lesson from the golden memories of our past. Let Us promise that once again we will be threaded in the twine of unison, love and determination as we were in 1965. We have the ability to bring back our ‘off the track train’ towards its original path – the path of prosperity.

Nahi hai na-umeed Iqbal apni kisht-e-veran say

Zara num ho tou ya mitti bari zarkhaiz hai saaqi

(Published: The News International)


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Karachi se Lahore


Karachi sy Lahore – a comedy road film directed and produced by Wajahat Rauf was premiered on July 31, 2015 in Cinestar Lahore. The film’s story is written by Yasir Hussain, featuring Shehzad Sheikh and Ayesha Omar in lead role. Other stars in the movie include Javed Sheikh, Mantaha Tareen Maqsood, Yasir Hussain, Ahmed Ali, Eshita Syed, Aashir Wajahat and Rasheed Naz. The movie revolves around Zaeem (Shehzad Sheikh) who unfortunately has been maltreated in every walk of his life. Whether it’s about Zaeem’s parents, girlfriend or bosses; everyone mistreated this poor beautiful guy (in lighter tone, though)! Zaeem happens to be one of the typical types of boyfriends who just can’t bear annoyance of their girlfriend. Asho (Eshita Syed), Zaeem’s greedy girlfriend, betrays him and heads towards Lahore to marry his cousin Timmy who is from Canada. Zaeem musters up courage and plans to stand up first the time for himself and reach Lahore to stop the planned wedding. So this sets the beginning from Karachi se Lahore tak fun making road trip! Zaeem along with his three friends and Maryam (Ayesha Omar), and Zeezo ( Maryam’s younger brother) sets for Karachi se Lahore tak ka trip on a lovely Jeepoo. This road trip dipped in mild sense of humour of the writer (that in some scenes goes into “typical modern” sense of humour or in odd words you may call it “Jughat Bazi”) brings broad smiles/laughter on the faces of viewers. The character of Moti (Zaeem’s friend) creates some very good bunches of laughter for viewers. However, things get bit annoying when there are unduly elongating, unfair and typical puns involving Pathans.

And once again, just like YNH’s movie Wrong No., the most disappointing factor was inclusion of “item numbers” that were two in number in this movie. I wonder young Pakistani writers have been blessed with awesome imagination and ability of writing but still they have not been able to set their minds free from the phobia that a movie won’t get the likes unless it contains “masala” thingy (and that too stolen from Bollywood). However, other song Aja Ree Aja was harmonizing and heart got filled with pleasure watching the original Lahore toned Basanti song by Sheraz Upal. Thumbs up for this inclusion! And yes how about sound effects and direction! Yap. That’s pleasant!
So what happens next? Does Zaeem find his love? For this you better watch this not so blockbuster movie yourself!

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Wrong No. not so wrong!


And the efforts for the revival of down in the dumps Pakistan Film Industry continue as YNH Films and ARY Films present “Wrong No.” on this Eid ul Fitr. The story of the movie spins around Sallu (Danish Taimoor) who dreams big and wants to get rid of the label “Qasai ka Beta”. He wishes to be a renowned actor but his Haji Abba (Javaid Sheikh) wants him to join in meat shop business or to look for a government post for a secure future. The story takes a typical Bollywood/Lollywood movies’ twist when Sallu realizes that a Nawab of a renowned family, who looks exactly like him, is coming from Sydney to take over his family business. The story continues and extends its lead to a gentle romance dipped in mild humor.
With a touch of Bollywood movie Badshah of Shahrukh Khan, the story of the film attempts to serve an entertaining plot followed by Bollywood styled masala ingredient – Item number (I thoroughly discourage this trend of “Item Number” that has nothing to do with our precious rich culture, industry and society but to impair the reverence of women). However, other songs of the movie are pretty good and genuine that depict the effort put in for the revival of the industry.
In short folks, this Eid if you are looking for entertainment on a big screen ‘Wrong No.’ is not a bad option. It is a nice work put together by YNH and ARY films for the revival of Pakistan Film Industry.


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