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Young World’s Independence Day! =)

In the name of Humanity...

Sonu was a naive, polite, quiet boy but he was extremely observant. His routine was quite different from other youngsters of his age. He used to return from his school in the afternoon and after lunch he would simply head towards the rooftop of his house. This was not to fly kites like many other lads of his neighbourhood, but to gaze at the sky.

He loved sky gazing. He loved to look at the bright yet serene sky of summer evenings. Chirping birds, soaring high above the clouds always brought a broad smile on his face, almost as if he could comprehend their sweet tweets. And now it was his favourite time of the year, Independence Day. So he remained on the roof of his house till late in the evening and besides sky watching, he corded little flags in a string to decorate the house with.

One day…

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No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn

Happy Independence Day Pakistan =)

In the name of Humanity...

Tera her ik zara hum ko apni jan sy payara, Teray dam say shan hamaree, Tujh say Nam Hamara”… “Chand mere zameen phool mera watan”… “Tujh pay Dil qurban, Tujh pay Jan bhe qurban ha”… “Tere wadi wadi ghomoon, tera kona kona chomoon”…“Mera Dil ha Pakistan, Mere Jan ha Pakistan”. Sky is bracing, zephyr is bopping, and heart is crooning. And why not! After all, it is time for celebrations, revels and exhilarations.

The day that is one of the most blessed and momentous ones in our history, is not far away. The Land of Pure would be of 63 tomorrow. Though I have not been able to mark all of the birth days of my beloved homeland but yet those which I have celebrated, especially during my childhood, unquestionably were full of enthusiasm and lofty spirits. I still can recollect those unforgettable days when I used to string…

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DigimarkDigital arena has transformed all around the globe during the last decade. Majority of companies are now spending more on their digital marketing campaigns as compared to conventional marketing tools. The change is a result of increased use of social media and conversion of the desktops into hand-held devices.
TEC (Training, Events, Consultancy) is organizing the 4th iteration of International Digital Marketing Conference, DIGIMARK was held today, on 24th November at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore with the support of Jang Media Group, GEO TV, Mobilink, Brighto Paints, DIC Pakistan. The theme chosen for this year is “Digital Transformation”. The conference has been specifically designed to help Pakistani companies to develop their audience and build traffic, create brand awareness, increase sales, improve customer service, drive greater consumer engagement and develop better use of digital tools internally to drive more productive business outcomes. As many as 450 industry professionals from Pakistan attended the conference.

Digimark speakers


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Bakra Eid – The stage sets in!

The stage sets in!

In the name of Humanity...

hile strolling in the avenue of your town, if you perceive a sound like “Ma’aa… Maaa’a’aa…” from every second house, affirm it that you are on the way to Bakra Eid. Second in the series of Eid festivals, Eid-ul-Azha is marked by Muslim world on 10th of Zul-Hajj every year. It is the memorial of compliance of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismael (AS) for Almighty Allah.

The arrangements for this religious carnival set in motion ten to fifteen days earlier than the event. After fostering their livestock throughout the year, the Bakray walas (the merchants of cattle) march towards the big markets of the cities to sell their animals and earn the income of the entire year.

The expedition of purchasing a healthy Bakra (or any other animal you desire to purchase) at economical rate is not less than a ‘work of genius’. This…

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Karachi se Lahore


Karachi sy Lahore – a comedy road film directed and produced by Wajahat Rauf was premiered on July 31, 2015 in Cinestar Lahore. The film’s story is written by Yasir Hussain, featuring Shehzad Sheikh and Ayesha Omar in lead role. Other stars in the movie include Javed Sheikh, Mantaha Tareen Maqsood, Yasir Hussain, Ahmed Ali, Eshita Syed, Aashir Wajahat and Rasheed Naz. The movie revolves around Zaeem (Shehzad Sheikh) who unfortunately has been maltreated in every walk of his life. Whether it’s about Zaeem’s parents, girlfriend or bosses; everyone mistreated this poor beautiful guy (in lighter tone, though)! Zaeem happens to be one of the typical types of boyfriends who just can’t bear annoyance of their girlfriend. Asho (Eshita Syed), Zaeem’s greedy girlfriend, betrays him and heads towards Lahore to marry his cousin Timmy who is from Canada. Zaeem musters up courage and plans to stand up first the time for himself and reach Lahore to stop the planned wedding. So this sets the beginning from Karachi se Lahore tak fun making road trip! Zaeem along with his three friends and Maryam (Ayesha Omar), and Zeezo ( Maryam’s younger brother) sets for Karachi se Lahore tak ka trip on a lovely Jeepoo. This road trip dipped in mild sense of humour of the writer (that in some scenes goes into “typical modern” sense of humour or in odd words you may call it “Jughat Bazi”) brings broad smiles/laughter on the faces of viewers. The character of Moti (Zaeem’s friend) creates some very good bunches of laughter for viewers. However, things get bit annoying when there are unduly elongating, unfair and typical puns involving Pathans.

And once again, just like YNH’s movie Wrong No., the most disappointing factor was inclusion of “item numbers” that were two in number in this movie. I wonder young Pakistani writers have been blessed with awesome imagination and ability of writing but still they have not been able to set their minds free from the phobia that a movie won’t get the likes unless it contains “masala” thingy (and that too stolen from Bollywood). However, other song Aja Ree Aja was harmonizing and heart got filled with pleasure watching the original Lahore toned Basanti song by Sheraz Upal. Thumbs up for this inclusion! And yes how about sound effects and direction! Yap. That’s pleasant!
So what happens next? Does Zaeem find his love? For this you better watch this not so blockbuster movie yourself!

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Weird attitude of People during Ramazan

Weird attitude of People during Ramazan.

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A Walk To Remember

CokeTripIn today’s fast pacing and modern world, man has conquered new horizons of technology and innovation. Every new day in man’s life is followed by a new innovation and development acknowledging man’s day in day out efforts towards his goals of life. But the alarming aspect of this pattern of living is that we are so much allured by this galaxy of modern living that we hardly bother about the significance of living closer to nature and protecting environment for our upcoming generations. The environment we live in psychologically plays a key role in upbringing our mindset and way of thinking. Auspiciously, still there are some group of people and organizations in our society that despite materializing their fundamental objectives, understand the importance of clean and healthy environment and give due weight age to activities that promote healthy environment in society. In this context, on this World’s Environment Day, which is marked on June 5 every year, Coca-Cola Pakistan 1organized a nature trip to Ayubia National Park, Nathiagali. The theme of the day this year was “Seven Billion Dreams, One Planet, Consume with Care.” Connecting the activity of this nature trip with the celebrations going on throughout this year to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of Coca-Cola’s Contour Bottle, one hundred people were hosted by Coca-Cola on the Nature Trip. Participants included social media activists, media representatives, environmentalists and nature lovers, and a large number of people from civil society.

Coke Trip 2

The group of one hundred was taken to #CokeTripToNathiaGali to give it a first-hand experience of the Watershed Management Project that Coca-Cola has been carrying out in Ayubia National Park area for the past 6 years, in association with WWF-Pakistan. Coke Trip 3This flagship intervention is a comprehensive project which has achieved substantial measurable results already. These include recharge of more than 388 million liters of water in last 5 years, plantation of more than 60,000 trees of indigenous species,development of several hundred fruit orchards, providing livelihoods to local communities, installation of rainwater harvesting structures in more than 100 schools, collection for reuse of more than a million liters of rainwater through rooftop harvesting and protection and rejuvenation of the 26 natural springs in the project area.“Our project in the Ayubia National Park area is tangible evidence of Coca-Cola walking the talk when it comes to environmental conservation,” said Fahad Qadir,Director Public Affairs and Communications of Coca-Cola Pakistan, adding, “What is really important is that the benefits of the project have first of all accrued directly to the local communities, whereas the regeneration of natural springs and sub-aquifers will have long-term, sustainable benefits for a much larger area.”

On arrival at Nathiagali, the group was first given a presentation on the watershed management project by a WWF team, following which the participants were taken to different project sites where they were informed about environmental activities being carried out by Coke Trip 4WWF and local volunteers. According to representatives of WWF, a group of 15 to 20 students from local community each year undertakes to serve the project and work as volunteer. They along with representatives of WFF carry out various door to door campaigns the purpose of which is to develop a sense of “protecting environment” among the residents of the community. At the end of the presentation, a question answer session was undertaken to answer various questions asked by visitors.

A visit to the WWF Center at Donga Gali was next, followed by all participants going for a nature walk on the Pipeline track from Doonga Gali to Ayubia. 11406213_1594255757513866_2990138964378496323_oThis was a real fun for the visitors that in the end proved to be a walk to remember. Approximately 5 KM long track was covered by more than 100 participants in 45 minutes. Spellbinding sights of the track, mountains, greenery witnessed giggles and chuckles of more than 100 people in one go. This was the time when people who were unknown to each other till now, had got socialized. They had chit chat together and memorized the moments through their selfie sticks and cameras. The walk and the trip concluded at Ayubia juncture and we bid adieu to each other. Indeed it was really a trip to cherish and a walk to remember throughout our lives. :)

Few More From #CokeTripToNathiagali

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