Nominated/ing for Liebster Award

06 Feb


It’s quite pleasant being nominated for Liebster Award. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Arsh Azim (, who nominated me for this award. It feels blessed being associated with likeminded people as they relieve you listening to your heart’s say. (I would like to suggest you guys to go through her blog and nominations. Just like me, you may also discover some interesting minds there).
Dr. Arsh Azim’s Nominations

Now let me answer to the questions asked by Arsh. (Khan sb! *Tongues*)

1. What does blogging mean to you?
I better answer this question in Jack Dan’s words. “For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I’m surprised where the journey takes me.” :) I believe this journey discovers new horizons for you on every turn. Writing relieves you when you are fed up! Exhausted! Super excited! Writing satisfies. Pleases. Disentangles when you are entangled. I try discovering all these fruits through writing/blogging.

2. What do you focus more on when you’re writing?
Well what I focus is that regardless to the opinion of others, I try to write down what relieves my heart and mindset. I think this is the only way you are able to put on paper a “genuine piece of writing” that eventually serves as “food for thought” for your readers.

3. Arrange these: Fame, Money, Respect, Love.
A. Respect
B. Love
C. Money
D. Fame

4. What are the timings when you mostly write?
Ummm, late night. Very light night or early in the morning. :)

5. What fascinates you, dawn or dusk?
Both. Nature fascinates. It is scrumptious! By the way, I respect Dusk more. Perhaps, it’s because Dusk is more “experienced” than Dawn. :)

6. Do you like being criticized?
Only if it’s positive! Positive criticism mends your way whereas criticism for the sake of criticism feels nothing more than wastage of time.

7. What changes has social media brought to your blog?
Well, readership has increased. It has enabled writers to be in touch with readers; that helps dynamically.

8. Which hour of night do you love the most?
Let it be more precise here by talking of that “very moment” instead of the “hour”. It is when I am about to fall asleep.

9. Are you a workaholic? If yes, in what terms?
Errr… I’m not a nerd. :/ But yes, I work very hard to realize my dreams and objectives.

10. Any inspiration?
After Prophet (SAW), it’s nothing specific. It either can be a piece of writing, quote, any human trait or attitude, a wanderer, friend or even an enemy. I would like to relate it with Iqbal’s poetry, Quaid-e-Azam’s confidence, Imran Khan’s determination, Ishfaq Ahmed’s sayings, my uncle’s calmness and some goraz’ vision.

11. One word that can really change your mood?
Weather. :)

Liebster Rules

Now before proceeding further, I better share the set of rules for the award. If you’re nominated, you’ve to nominate other bloggers for this Award, answer the questions in a blog post and the questions are asked by the blogger who nominated you, ask questions from the bloggers you nominated and that’s all.

Here are my nominations for the blog and I would like these bloggers to answer the following questions.

Sarwat AJ

Spotless soul

Fazal Abbas

Ayesha Pervez

Ali Suleman (Ali, I know it ain’t a blog but I want you to answer the Qs. :P)


Taimur Ahmad

Assorted Mundanities

Asif Nawaz




Hira Nazir


1. What does blogging/writing mean to you?
2. What do you focus more on when you’re writing?
3. Arrange these: Fame, Money, Respect, Love.
4. What are the timings when you mostly write?
5. Things/traits you like and hate the most.
6. What fascinates you, dawn or dusk and why?
7. Your favorite piece of writing/blog post written by you?
8. Which hour of night do you love the most?
9. One question, you really wish to be asked and what would be your answer, if asked?
10. One thing/phenomenon that can really change your mood?


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    Pleased to read :)

  2. FD Sheikh

    February 14, 2015 at 5:42 pm



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