Maintaining the level of Expectations

15 Dec

expectationsQuite often we come across sayings that assert that expectations hurt when not fulfilled, hence not to be raised expect from God. It is true to some good extent (very good perhaps). But still I may not agree with this school of thought thoroughly as expectations are natural. People from whom we expect are sort of a source granted by Almighty through which we fulfill and nurture our expectations. Life becomes “insensate” without expectations. As they are expectations that when fulfilled make us pleased, happy and vice versa. That’s why they are inevitable part of human life. However, things get miserable and aggravated where we fall a prey to self-pity (when our expectations are not fulfilled or acknowledged by dear ones). At this very moment we tend/try to make other realize that what s/he did was not expected by us. We complain. We show grudge. Stew. This behaviour of us, though, may regarded as natural response but it is not an ideal one or let me assert, it is an insane one. I mean, this approach of complaining or getting stewed may hurt you back in case when other gives “damn” to your grudges/complaints or in case when your grudges hurt your dear one (and you are sensitive enough to feel the pain that your words caused). Then what to do, how to behave; this is leading to a fix! Answer, perhaps, is, without falling a prey to self pity, learn the lesson and move on. Move on generously, I mean. Do not spoil your relationship and association anyway. Not at all. And hey, do not stop expecting but yes, do manage the “level or extent” of expectation you raise from others.This may affect your relationship with the other person for the time being but it is cent percent assured that this would definitely strengthen your dependence, association and faith in God (as you’ll acknowledge that He is your ultimate strength and dependency). Period.

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