Say No to Political Filth!

22 Sep

pol-parties“Loootaay…”, “Agya hai na phir wapis apni party main…” (so back to your party, finally!) , “hence proved you are also a Mr. U-turn” these are some of the comments I was bombarded with when I recently shared a post on social media that was portraying some of the good steps taken by the ruling party, I used to support. I have observed a quite strange attitude in most of us that instead of supporting good steps taken by any political party, we just blindly support and defend that party for which we share our support. Whenever, you are having a gathering of friends discussing political scenario of the country, one of the friends demonstrates single wrongdoing of ABC party which he / she does not support, the other friend who supports ABC, instead of condemning wrongdoing of ABC, rebuts bellicosely by presenting two misconducts of its opponent. And this show of never ending arguments just for the sake of arguments keeps fuming that quite often ends up with deterioration of personal relationships.

In recent past, where political parties and social media have managed to develop handsome political awareness among youth, there such awareness has also resulted in rooting hatred, abhorrence, division, animosity, selfishness towards rivals (and each other) among them. In every second political post, you come across at Facebook, twitter etc. you find one party supporter, degrading opponent’s leader or its manifesto. The ones who propagate these things, they actually try to dig out points to degrade opponent party. They also do not dither being personal. These bashful souls edit pictures of others family life and share unabashedly. People like us also fall a prey to this propaganda and bluntly share these posts without assuring the authenticity. Quite often such posts are purely based on lies, fabrications and deceptions. But still they spread like wildfire. It seems like a battle among parties aiming to vitiate each other’s root completely.

No doubt, difference of opinion is the strength of democracy. It ought to be encouraged. But difference of opinion ought to be with thoughts only, not with personalities. And when you are rebutting them, keep in mind you must rebut the thought by presenting arguments that soundly support your stance, not by disgracing others personally. Unsuspiciously the way, we are being led by media and our leaders this not only can cause severe harm to the real soul of democracy but at the same time it can cost gravely to our personal relationships as well. Where it may corrupt us politically there it can debase us morally too. Regardless to the fact that we support ABC or XYZ, our primary concern and priority is and ought to be development and prosperity of Pakistan not our respective political parties. We are supposed to defend Pakistan’s case not that of political parties we share a support to.

It is a vital responsibility on the shoulders of our sincere political leaders, writers, analysts, presenters, anchors, elders, and friends and even on our own-selves that we should not divide ourselves and dilute our own roots by spreading filthy political verbal violence, hatred, animosity, abhorrence through such smeared political tactics. Whether we belong to or support PML N, PTI, PPP or any other political party we must bear in mind, if we are loyal and honest to Pakistan, we must say NO TO POLITICAL FILTH! We ought to argue and fight for Pakistan, not for our political parties and their ill aims.

(The article was originally published at Pak Tea House:
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