Weird attitude of People during Ramazan

30 Jun

One of the earliest articles for DAWN.. (back in 2006)

In the name of Humanity...

“Ramazan is a month of blessings, peace, tranquillity, patience and a great source of gaining countless rewards from our Creator. We Muslims, come closer to Allah Almighty during this fabulous and sacrosanct month. Every Muslim tries to offer Namaz and other adorations with more fervour and zeal than in the remaining months of the year. Everyone desires to gain infinite love and blessings of God,” said Faseeh’s mom while discussing the importance and glory of Ramazan with her child.

Faseeh had returned from school quite early as the school timings were shortened due to Ramazan so that students might not get tired due to large study hours. After resting for an hour when it was time for doing home assignments, Faseeh thought; “Yar mera to roza hai, assignment nahi hoga mujh say.” So he didn’t complete his home assignment and the next day defended himself by saying that “Madam, mera…

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