I love you MOM!

11 May

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Moms! :)
(The write up was originally published in The News)

In the name of Humanity...


I love you MOM!

Because. . . .

Because on countless occasions, she has made my happiness and wellbeing a priority over her own comfort and enjoyment.

– Because she has this magic that when things are not right, she somehow makes me feel better.

– Because she’s pleasant, easy going and NEVER in a bad mood.

– Because any quality that I may possess is due to her upbringing.

– Because no one else in the world loves me ”Unconditionally”.

Ayesha Pervez


I love ammi for:


o The way she monitors it all – “so long as you are under my roof, you are answerable to me…”

o The easy, loving, informal bond (with plenty of mutual teasing and friendly banter), she shares with her siblings.

o For all the cool genes (book-reading, travelling) and even the not-so-cool ones (bad oratory skills, inability to bargain).

o Oh yes…

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