YOUTH: The change trigger in Pakistan

28 Oct

When we talk about youth; we talk about confidence, passion, determination, devotion, talent, innovation and much more. The future of every country thoroughly depends upon its youth. If it stirred with the aforementioned potions, it is in the bag that the country’s future is bright. 63% of the total population, Pakistani youth is undoubtedly brimmed with all of the defining traits of this exciting phase of life. They have been and they are chipping in their best for the progress of their country. Various initiatives that today’s youth has taken for the betterment of the society, truly deserve a round of applause. Today Smash is going to pay a tribute to some of the very talented youngsters of Pakistan and their initiatives which they have taken for the sake of society. We have conducted their interview the brief of which is being presented in the upcoming paragraphs.

Revolution Flame (RF)

RF as the name suggests is the flame of change in the society. Promoting a very positive change in the society, the igniters of RF are provoking constructive and morally nurturing activities amongst the youth by conducting various online surveys, launching public service messages, arranging several youth competitions and online heart to heart discussions relating to human behaviour. Talking about the targets of RF, co-founder of RF, Hassan Raza says, “We are trying our level best to bring the change in actual. That is why we are using every possible mean ranging from online surveys, heart to heart online audio discussions, video messages, and still public messages. Whenever we talk about “change”, unfortunately, this remains limited to words only.” Hassan says about the response of youth, “The campaigns we have started are motivating and reality based. They are observed and developed by the people living in this society. So that becomes quite interesting for youngsters when they get to know what actually the wrong in the society is and how it can be mended. Perhaps that is the key thing that makes RF one of its own types.
“RF has also won Best Agents of Change Award from Pakistan Blog Awards 2012. Besides, it is also working as social media partners for various constructive events organized by different organizations”, shares Hassan. It is indeed hard to manage studies along with co curricular activities. “Working as a TEAM always helps. Every one of us gives a little of his day to RF and these drops by various individuals turn into a sea that’s why we are moving it forward!”, Raza shares his views about the matter.
Farishtoon sy Behtar Hai Insaan Hona is an online heart to heart discussion series that is managed by Revolution Flame and In the name of Humanity together. This audio lecture/discussion series makes the listeners ponder about diminutive human matters that make them better in the eyes of their Creator more than angels. The presentation of the matters about human behaviour and their grass root investigation presented creatively in the audio discussion makes it unique and purposeful, hence bringing a very positive feedback from listeners.
Website of RF:

In the name of Humanity

In the name of Humanity is a weblog of FD.Sheikh’s writings. The blog contains his entire write up that have been published in various newspapers and private magazines. FD has been working as a freelance writer for last 7 years. His pen has dropped lines on a variety of topics pertaining to humanity, social behaviour, youth, women, humour, politics, sports, culture, tradition and historical monuments etc.
Discussing the vision of his blog he said, “It is all about humanity. My pen usually remains inclined towards social issues focusing human behavior in various situations. I try observing the loopholes in human behavior and find the solution in the personality of Holy Prophet SAW. Though I am not any scholar but still whenever I come across something odd or disappointing in human behavior, the study of Holy ProphetSAW’s personality helps a lot to remove that oddness in one’s personality. I also love doing interesting research based write-ups and enjoy preserving history through my pen.” Writing since such a young age and that too for international newspapers and magazines is quite fascinating. Commenting on this fascination FD says, “That’s indeed really overwhelming. Specially when I see the response of my regular readers and their love, makes me feel overwhelmed and grateful to Almighty Allah.” Telling Smash about his marks in the field of writing he commented, “Alhamdullilah, hundreds of my articles and opinions have been published in various newspapers and magazines. Also, it feels pleasant seeing my articles links as reference in various websites i.e. Wikipedia etc, serving in the best possible way. Besides, I have been working as editor in some private magazines and delivering lectures on blogging occasionally on various forums and in various organizations including one working under UNO.”
About managing studies along with co curricular he is of the view, “It’s all about time management. And being involved in productive activities is advantageous for you and your studies in every aspect. Your mind remains fresh and active. Resultantly, you gain your regular study knowledge easily and at times may be more than others.”
In the name of Humanity:,

Shashca – youth ka newspaper

Shascha was conceived as a mean to create social, political and all kinds of awareness among the educated youth of Pakistan; the youth that is pursuing a university career. It tells everything, the news, columns, reports, all, in a very light way. A way that tells everything, but in a very light and humorous style. Everybody needs a little happiness or at least something to lighten his stress. Shashca serves the purpose too. “The target readership of Shashca is the youth that wastes its energy and mind in things like creating mess in classes, while in cafés, drumming the tables etc to create a “shughal mahol.” This movement if Insha Allah succeeds, will create a pathway for the educated youth to make Pakistan a better place to live”, says the founder of Shashca – youth ka newspaper, Ali Suleman. Talking about the achievements of the movement the founder said, “Hopefully, yes. The reason: we are trying to mould the minds of the youth in their very own way. If the educated youth keeps up with us, we will hopefully achieve our goals.”
Shashca is using a very unique technique that has never been experimented in the world before. “We make our newspaper like any other newspaper, but with a shashca. And that is: we use the language that is at these times being commonly used by the youth: the slang Urdu. This has brought an encouraging response.” , adds Ali.
Shashca – youth ka newspaper:


Static is yet another worth mentioning platform for youth that endeavours to raise the voice against wrong and also to provide solution for it. The purposeful blog is being managed by Anas Shafqat and Waleed Khalid. Discussing about the aims of Static, Anas, the co-founder, says, “We want to educate the society about social issues that have been either poorly addressed or left unaddressed on other platforms and present different perspectives of issues already discussed at other forums. We also encourage our readers to provide solutions to the common problems of society and promote reading in our literature-deprived society. And finally we want to inspire to tap the potential hidden in dormant minds. About the current directions to attain the objectives of Static, co founder says, “No, I think to reach a better target audience we need to experiment frequently with other media, not just articles. Yet again, response to the articles has been quite encouraging and we hope to continue to update articles as well as dabble in other media.” Static has gained very good name in youth’s books and has turned into a very prolific lounge in no time. What actually attracts the youth to follow Static? “The fact that we refrain from bashing the government and focus more on the notion that if change has to come, it has to come from within us”, answers Anas.

(The article was originally published in Smash Magazine)
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