Media Science – Making Headways in the Society

14 Oct

In today’s fast pacing modern world, the repute that media is enjoying is grateful to years and years of uphill struggle. From traditional publishing to web-based environment, from terrestrial television to satellite technology and from conventional telephony system to VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol); media had to cover an extensive journey to hit the highest level of achievement. This landmark has shifted media studies as a diversified field of social sciences. In media sciences whether we talk about mass communication, journalism, broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, blogging, web-publishing, podcasts or RSS feeds, this branch of study is always there to offer an assortment of lines of work that can be adopted as a profession and hobby in one go. Since last decade the way print and electronic media has made progress by leaps and bounds, it has fascinated a number of youngsters to opt for media sciences as their career.
It is inapt of most of the youngsters (specially those of previous generations) that they step into any discipline they are taught of by their elders or, sometimes, directed towards after one gets disappointed by some regular disciplines (for instance medical, engineering). One should never enter any particular profession before analyzing one’s compatibility with it. In this context when we talk about media sciences, unsurprisingly, it welcomes the class of boys and girls having some fundamental traits including ability to think, analyse, present and then above all, the ability to write the right! One may learn and then develop these skills in one’s personality but those who are gifted these traits by nature, excel in this field truly. Once you are done with your compatibility test in this particular field, the next stage is to plan for an appropriate section to get expertise in which, hence enabling yourself to select your program accordingly. The various programs that media science offers may help the students to develop their skills and eventually set their career in a range of professions including journalism, newspaper writing, advertising agencies, production houses, writing, TV networks, multimedia graphics arts and so forth.

Print and electronic media is one those significant sources that impact society directly. It is to be kept in mind that whatever one articulates or presents, affects masses unswervingly. It develops mindset of people, their thinking ability and, therefore forming their reactions as well. So those who are or plan to join in this field ought to bear a very sensitive and high responsibility on their shoulders. Unveiling the significance of media Mr. Sami Ibrahim, head of political and international affairs in a private TV channel, asserts, “Media has empowered ordinary citizens to talk about their rights. It is serving as a tool to stop injustice and exploitation of masses at the hands of influentials.” Talking about its role in creating awareness among masses about the performance of ruling parties and their governing system, Sami adds, “It is, undoubtedly, one of the primal services that media is providing nowadays. It has tightened the rope around politicians who do not stand by their promises made during election campaigns. One of the best examples is that of President Bush who got defeated in the elections of 1992 just because of unfulfilling one of his promises of imposing no new tax during his tenure.”
Undeniably, media is playing quite a prolific role in this part of world nowadays; however, at the same time it sounds the alarms in some aspects as well. These aspects are bound to sustain the personal interests of various media groups. These aspects are somewhat hard to decipher by common man but are apparent to the mentors of media sciences and that is why ought to be mended rightly. “Just switch on to any news channel on your TV screen right now. In every talk show, you’ll find each of the participants putting his opponent’s name in the mud. And the host of the program would be adding fuel to fire in order to make his show “crispier”. Media persons and specially upcoming students of media sciences should bear the responsibility to work dedicatedly for the sake of society not for their own or their channel’s group’s sole benefit.”, says Tahir Iqbal, student of mass communication. “Media which is considered one of the most promising sources in bringing out positive and constructive changes has become a mere chase of gaining the highest TRPs (Target Rating Points).Whether it is entertainment or news channels, both are intensely destabilizing people’s mind specially that of youngsters. General public is trapped in the pretentious fights of corrupt politicians and as far as entertainment channels are concerned they present a culture in TV dramas that is far away from the actual culture of this part of world. Resultantly, people are losing their own cultural roots and following the ones that are artificial and baseless.”, says 20 years old Hira Mawra.

Freedom of media or press is the phenomenon that is quite often discussed on various news channels and forums. It emphasizes freedom of expression and freedom of raising one’s say. No doubt, it is a fundamental right of every media person but here, once again, an ethical refurbishment is required that most preferably should be done at very early stages of media science students’ studies. They ought to be groomed up morally against the all of the immoralities that are spoiling the sanctity and credibility of media. “After any bomb blast or breaking news, we come across extremely indignant “we-broke-the-news-first” claims of TV channels. And above all, the inability of the reporters to report the events neutrally and factually seems adding fuel to fire. And sometimes the authenticity of their reporting remains in doubts too. The race to stand first in the professions stifles the nobility and cause of the profession. We being the students of this field direly need to do away with such practices and serve the noble cause of media sciences to nurture and develop and well groomed and correctly informed society”, says Ahmad Mujtaba, final year student of Mass. Communication.

Making headways in the society, media science is undoubtedly playing a very significant role in our today’s life. Due to its autonomy and responsibility to uncover the hidden facts and cater to the people’s right to information, media science is often rightfully being regarded as the fourth pillar of State. And that is why in today’s world media is a healthy tool for the accountability of those who consider themselves above any law. Giving voice to the unheard by indiscriminately providing the public an opportunity to freely express whatever anyone wishes to, media, beyond doubt is the guardian of a nation’s liberties. And at the same time, just like any other renowned discipline of studies, it is welcoming a brighter, respectful and promising future for young minds.

The article was originally published in The News international
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