An Embarrassment called – Foot Odour

21 Jul

You might have come across individuals, specially in summers, who attiring latest clothing apparently look tip top; however, when you come near to them the odour of their body devastates the impression of their appearance at once. Body odour, halitosis (bad breathing), and foot odour are those dire problems which always keep you and everyone around you perturbed. These types of problems maximize in summers. In social gathering, if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned problems, they certainly going to put a negative impact on your image. And if you yourself know that you are suffering from any of these setbacks, it also dwindles your self-confidence and eventually affects your performance.

Every second of us primarily tries to evade from and dithers to talk about openly about such problems. However, we need to cope with it and create awareness about it to ensure a truly confident personality of ours. Body odour and halitosis by far are combated with antiperspirants/body-sprays and toothpastes/mouth-wash respectively, so here in this particular article we would only try to highlight some significant causes of foot odour and some pertinent precautions that need to be adopted in this regard.

What actually causes smelly feet?

One of the foremost reasons of foot odour is sweat. Sweat itself is odourless. It’s micro organism (bacteria) that reacts with the sweat on your feet and results in stinking smell.

Wearing tight shoes, socks without any room for ventilation also create an ideal environment for bacteria to react with perspiration on your feet and eventually produce foot odour.

Polyester, nylon and cotton are the major materials used for socks fabrication. However, it is worth mentioning here that polyester and nylon made socks usually give less or may be no room for ventilation as compare to cotton made socks. That’s why these types of socks may increase sweat and finally smelly feet.

Socks (specially cotton made) have the ability to absorb sweat, therefore wearing shoes without socks may also cause bacterial reaction between sweat and micro organism and result in stench. However, footwear that allows proper aeration (i.e. Sandals) doesn’t compulsorily require socks to be worn.

What causes Sweat/Perspiration?

Basically, sweat itself is quite beneficial for the growth and nourishment of human body. In fact, to maintain the temperature of human body and uphold the level of fluid in it, health specialists suggest such activities which result in perspiration. Human body is covered with sweat glands that secrete perspiration. The speed of secretion increases with human feelings such as nervousness, anxiousness, stress, pressure etc. Nonetheless, some individuals have genetic disposition to perspiration and some suffer from it due to hormonal factors.

How to do away with Foot Odour?

Following are some major cures to deal with this air-stinking problem.

First of all, one needs to wash one’s feet at least twice a day or may be more in summers specially.

Don’t wear shoes when your feet are wet.

There are various aromatic herbs that can be used as deodorants against foot odour however, sprinkling some pinches of baking soda into your footwear is comparatively a cheaper solution.

Always use footwear that matches your body and doesn’t cause any sort of allergy.

Increase the intake of meals that naturally work as inner odour fighter such as green drinks, parsley etc.

To fight against foot odour various powders and activated charcoal insoles have been developed that defend against perspiration.

Boil a quart of water and add 5 tea bags. After the water cools, soak your feet for 30 minutes. The tannin in the tea is an astringent, which will prevent your feet from perspiring. (courtesy:

The use of readily available Zinc and Castor Oil creams is yet another way of stopping foot odour.

Scrub your feet with a scrubber.

Foot odour is one such silent trigger that kills your personality image furtively. Nevertheless, the aforementioned suggestions can certainly be of great assistance in this regard. Happy odorless summers!

(Pertinent information has been searched from internet.)

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