The Art of Living – Life is Beautiful =)

29 Oct

In life where man hoists numerous flags of success there sometimes failures also become his destiny. Success or failure in our life is just a “point/dot” in a “line”. If we take a particular failure on our nerves, we won’t be able to revive in remaining points/dots of the line and if same thing is repeated in case of success, it is quite probable that we become haughty and lack devotion for upcoming points/dots (destinations) of the line (life). In general, majority of us suffers in failure usually. At times it becomes very difficult, specially for youngsters, to get out of this dark phase of their life. They lose their heart. However, they should not give up at any cost because life is given once and man is never supposed to sacrifice it over temporary failures.

Happiness, the other name of success, means every positive occurrence in our life. It is the outcome of various factors like positive hope, improvement, achievement, promotion, discovery, innovation and attainment of destination and so forth. On the other hand sorrow, the other name of failure, is the result of every negative occurrence in our life. It is the upshot of fiasco, loss, defeat, depression, social evils, declination of the business, conflicts and aimlessness and so on. In short these two factors are the hub of our lives. Living life, in fact, is an art of combating with these adversities manly and relishing the beauty of happiness. And how can we achieve this aim of ours (specially in this era where the dark clouds of disappointment have surrounded everyone)? To find an answer to this big question, remain stick to the following paragraphs.


“The dire circumstances of his life led him to_______.” Fill in the blank. Probably, the very first word that might have sprouted in your mind would be “suicide”.

But what if the blank is filled as, “The dire circumstances of his life led him to begin a new beginning. The phenomenon-optimism takes birth here! When you envisage a ray of hope even in “dark”. An optimistic notion directs you towards a “positive track” and that is the basic requirement for leading an envious life. Our thinking gives birth to our acts. If it is positive, the act will be positive and on the other hand it is affected by marshy feelings of pessimism, you’ll be stifled by it.

The fundamental problem with most of us is that putting aside good traits of our personality we just mourn over the bad ones in ourself. And those who somehow manage to have a look on bright aspects, they lack optimism. Eventually they also don’t succeed in discovering the “actual” value of these golden chapters of their life called, Youth.

Let in the breeze of optimism:

Sing your own songs! Hey, it doesn’t mean I want you to launch a song album of yours. But in fact it connotes evaluating the goods of your personality. Just sit in front of your PC and enlist all the good (built in) habits and traits that you observe in yourself and others always appreciate you for. (But always be down to earth, as these abilities are entrusted by Almighty Allah. You alone are simply nothing!) Now whenever you feel down, just switch on your PC and have a glance on the list. It may not make you feel great but at least would bring a smile on your face.

Chip in and Unveil the Veiled:

If you can dream of something (not something being humanly impossible), you can achieve it. Every accomplishment begins with an idea and every idea is the outcome of a thought and every thought is a dream at first. Most of us don’t gear up just because of the thought what would others say if it is not done as desired? They jump into conclusion before stepping in and eventually end up with nothing. You might be a good writer, player, artist or what not! You just need to chip in and then experience, explore and unveil the veiled. Don’t worry about what others say, keep your nose out of it.


Usually dedication is supported by the proverb that goes as “Do or die” but in fact your highest degree of dedication should state, “DO and then die”. You ought to be determined enough to achieve your destination at any cost. Imagine yourself at a place when you are done with your target. This feeling makes you feel high. Fascinatingly, it works wonders in social life as well. A man with such a positive devotion warmly meets with others. Welcomes them, listens to their ideas with a positive attitude. He is far away from evils feelings of jealousy, despair, and dejectedness and hence radiates positive rays on others as well.

Failing the failure:

Failing the failure concept states “compete with your own-self”. In every walk of life, usually we tend to compete with others. That is ridiculous as everyone has his/her own fate. Besides, competition with others implants the roots of “selfishness” in us. And selfishness is one of the biggest evils that destroy our dream of living a peaceful life. But there is a point that competition makes you devoted and stirs you up so everyday, instead of comparing your performance with others, compare it with your own in past. Be your own competitor. If it’s is improved, congrats you have got the first position. And if it is not, even then the ball is in your court. You are not defeated. Challenge yourself once again, work harder and beat yourself in next attempt. But keep in mind this tendency demands highest level of spirit and devotion.

Don’t expect much from others:

Don’t expect much from others but from Almighty Allah. As usually undue expectations hurt. And when one gets hurt it again gives vent to evil waves of depression and unhappiness. Just have firm faith on Almighty. He would never keep you in deficit. Undoubtedly, it’s very difficult to practice in real but once you have tracked on it, you’ll discover heaven on this mortal world.

Love & Respect Humanity: 

Every action is followed by a reaction in a very same manner. If you want to be loved and respected, love and respect others. Praise others for their achievements and goodies (but not butter :p). Participate in their happiness. Mark it. Enjoy it generously. And yes, don’t get jealous at all because just like rust deteriorates iron similarly a man is rusted by jealousy.

They say, every man dies but not every man lives. Living life is a beautiful art, friends. We can and we should learn it. So let’s join in. Let us leave behind what we don’t need to carry pains, sorrows, grudges, depression. Always fly light, life is so beautiful! Happy living! :)

(The article was originally published in YW, DAWN)

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7 responses to “The Art of Living – Life is Beautiful =)

  1. Monis Bolani Zorbazaari

    December 10, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    This is with reference to the article Life is beautiful by F.D. Sheikh (October 29, 2011). I agree with the writer’s point of view that success and failure are the facts of life and we should not take failures to heart because then we won’t be able to face challenging situations in our lives.

    Also, after achieving success, we shouldn’t become overconfident and should rather work harder to retain what we have achieved. And during all our endeavours, we shouldn’t lose hope because when hope is lost, everything is lost.

    Monis Bolani Zorbazaari,

  2. Hira Nazir

    November 28, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    The caption of your blog, “In the name of humanity” is quite awesome and soo humble, I must say. Life is beautiful. It is loveable. It is pretty. It is so kind. True, it is an art to ‘live’. Cux we only survive.
    Consider it a request, but I’d love to see more write ups of yours. Kindly update the blog regularly ig you can.

  3. FD Sheikh

    November 29, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    I completely second you, Hira. And as far as updating the blog is concerned, i used to update regularly umm about a year ago. This blog currently contains about 300 write ups. Alhamdullilah. But now job and practical life creates the hindrance.
    And there is something wrong with my blog as well. “Fresh Breath” is not my latest post but it always shows it as latest one. :/ I don’t know what wrong with it.
    JazakAllah for your generous appreciation. :)

  4. FD Sheikh

    November 29, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    btw currently, this is the latest post by me (not updated at my blog though). Give it a read, if you are interested. :)

  5. FD Sheikh

    July 2, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Reblogged this on In the name of Humanity… and commented:

    The art of living – such pieces of writing always gear you up! *feeling motivated and nostalgic at the same time*

  6. Jawad Khawar

    July 4, 2014 at 11:44 pm

    I am thankful to you FD Sheikh that u posted such an article that enables setting up a positive view and perception of life….. However, i sincerely believe that all this must be consistently applied to get the results stated in your article…… Thankx once again…. u are a very good writer MASALLAH

  7. FD Sheikh

    July 5, 2014 at 4:18 am

    You are very right Jawad. One has to be consistent over this recipe to draw some good results out of it. I second u. And thank you so much for ur kind words. Im truly honored. JazakAllah.


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