Selecting a Right Career in a Right Way

06 Jul

Gone are the days when Medical and Engineering were the only available choices. In our times whenever we were inquired about our future plans, we always answered (rather some of us were taught to answer), “Doctor/Pilot/Engineer”. It was solely because these few disciplines were thought to be highly rewarding in terms of respect and money both. Resultantly, unfortunate though, students’ world of thoughts was also restricted around this particular sphere. They were blank about various other opportunities that, perhaps, could be more advantageous not only for them but for their homeland as well. Nevertheless, today in this fast pacing modern world life has taken a new route that is fairly more dynamic, more innovative and more opportunistic for upcoming generations. From medical to engineering, information technology to accounts maintenance, electronic media to web networking and fashion designing to serving online business portals, now a whole world of rewarding professions is welcoming the young minds. However, despite this advancement still there lies a chief problem in terms of opting for “right profession/career” for the “right student”, according to his capabilities.

It is quite unfortunate that for most of us “right profession/career” merely means a profession that guarantees a lucrative career.  Undoubtedly, salary is important but it isn’t the only factor one should behold when choosing a career, as money doesn’t necessarily lead to job satisfaction. Evaluating earnings from a profession, there are also some other significant factors that ought to be considered gravely under the head of earnings-from-a-profession. And among these, one’s own interest and mental satisfaction is of primary importance. If you opt for or suggest to any youngster a profession just on the basis of future financial rewards, not considering one’s own interests/likes, it is quite probable that student may not enjoy his studies and suffer from low grades that eventually leads to an unsuccessful career.

Scope of any field is yet another aspect that ought to be considered very staidly.  There are people who usually don’t take this factor into account. In their opinion, a man creates scope of his field on his own. It might be true to some extent but in real practical world, we can’t defy significance of scope of anything. A decade ago, there was a time when masters in computer sciences were being paid highly. Hence, a mass of students pursued computer sciences and when market flooded with MCSs, the results were disappointing.

These few points mentioned above collectively pool to earnings out of any profession/field. Keeping in view these pertinent factors, a career counseling department has to play a key role here. But it is to be kept in mind that a career counselor cannot suggest you what career is best for you unless he knows you, your areas of interest, your likes and dislikes; in short a detailed image of your personality. This highlights the significance of a full time career counseling department at school level whose job should be (after having time to time meetings with the student on different events of the school) to determine the personalities of the student, observe and analyze his/her interests and then at the end of schooling session suggest a suitable career according to his/her persona. “While choosing any profession, most of the times parents and students find themselves in a fix. Rationally speaking, it is a predicament which is totally out of sight of educational institutions in this part of world. Majority of parents are unaware of market trends, educational systems and scope of any particular discipline and as far as students are concerned, who are of 14-15 years of age when stepping in O levels, also are not mature enough to take such grave steps of their lives on their own. So I thoroughly feel that career counseling department trend must be promoted from very beginning i.e. schooling of child”, says Salman Raza, a father of two teenagers.  

Once a field has been selected, the next step is how to step in that particular filed? What roadway (line of courses/subjects/disciplines) should be opted for? Here once again students are in hot water. They are badly informed about the roadway to their destination. In order to pursue a smooth and unperturbed pathway to the selected line of disciplines, it’s a must for student class to consult successful seniors of that particular field. Following is a brief introduction to various careers which students may opt for, followed by the outcome of a short survey that was conducted among senior students and professionals in order to know the most suitable pathway for their selected field/career.

CA (Chartered Accountancy) that is undoubtedly one of the toughest and highly paid professions all over the globe, might be started after simple FA, FSc, BA, However, in opinion of experts A-levels (with business subjects) is the best roadway for commencing CA studies. As it thoroughly helps in concepts building and availing exemption as well. Similarly for MBBS apart from typical FSc followed by MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), a good number of medical students are of view to come in the field through O/A levels. “Undoubtedly for Cambridge students getting through the entry test is utmost difficult but once they clear it, all the success is their way because the professional syllabus offered in MBBS is much alike their courses in O/A-levels. They already have the basic foundation knowledge of Human anatomy, wisely taught to them during their secondary education. While the FSc students find it a lot more difficult to digest, specially the preliminary lectures”, says Sundus Kashmala, a student of MBBS.

When it comes towards Business and IT studies, once more a wide range of disciplines perplex young minds. Students interested in this field ought to be very careful while selecting any program that should be of their interest. MBA (with specials in finance and marketing usually) MBIT (Masters of Business and Information Technology), MSc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology), MCS (Masters in Computer Sciences) are the pertinent disciplines that should ideally be followed by, BBIT and BCS respectively. It is worth mentioning here, if you are good at communication and open to discussions and creative ideas MBA (marketing) should be your first preference.

Electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering have always been in demand but the rapidly progressing field of science and research is also demanding a handsome number of engineers in a many other fields as well. Fields like Aeronautics (avionics, aerodynamics), Power, Chemical (petroleum, metallurgy), Manufacturing (textile, industrial) and Biomedical are worth mentioning here.

Mass communication undoubtedly is one of the fast emerging industries in this part of world now. If you are keen on media, television, information, journalism; master in mass communication definitely means for you. This field is highly rewarding both in terms of respect and money. Unlike other disciplines, master in mass communication doesn’t require a particular pathway or line of study. If you are interested, you may step in even after simple BA/ etc.

New buzzes in town, fashion and designing have emerged as a separate industry. A number of universities are offering degree programmes and diplomas in fashion designing. If you are creative and own an imaginative mind, congrats! You may have your best time here! There is no specific requirement for this particular field. You may set your foot in from any pathway.

They say, “Find a job you like and you add five days to every week.” So before deciding on any career make a point that your earning out of the career should not comprise of money only but of mental peace and satisfaction as well. Only this way you may lead a hassle free professional life!

(The News, Education Expo Supplement 2011)
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