Qurbani (Sacrifice)

04 May

Ø  And, when he (his son) was old enough to walk with him, he said: “O my son! I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you (offer you in sacrifice to Allâh), so look what you think!” He said: “O my father! Do that which you are commanded, Inshâ’ Allâh (if Allâh will), you shall find me of As-Sâbirun (the patient).” (102) Then, when they had both submitted themselves (to the Will of Allâh), and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead (or on the side of his forehead for slaughtering); (103) And We called out to him: “O Abraham! (104) You have fulfilled the dream!” Verily! thus do We reward the Muhsinûn (good-doers – see V.2:112). (105) Verily, that indeed was a manifest trial. (106) And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice (i.e. کبش – a ram); (107) And We left for him (a goodly remembrance) among the later generations. (108) Salâmun (peace) be upon Ibrâhim (Abraham)!” (109)

(37- Surah As-Saaffat: Ayah 102-109)


Ø  Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only).

(108- Surah Al-Kausar: Ayah 2)


Ø  And for every nation We have appointed religious ceremonies, that they may mention the Name of Allâh over the beast of cattle that He has given them for food. And your Ilâh (God) is One Ilâh (God — Allâh), so you must submit to Him Alone (in Islâm). And (O Muhammad SAW) give glad tidings to the Mukhbitun [those who obey Allâh with humility and are humble from among the true believers of Islâmic Monotheism], (34)

(22- Surah Al-Hajj: Ayah 34)


Ø  And the Budn (cows, oxen, or camels driven to be offered as sacrifices by the pilgrims at the sanctuary of Makkah.) We have made them for you as among the Symbols of Allâh, Wherein you have much good. So mention the Name of Allâh over them when they are drawn up in lines (for sacrifice). Then, when they are down on their sides (after slaughter), eat thereof, and feed the poor who does not ask (men), and the beggar who asks (men). Thus have We made them subject to you that you may be grateful. (36) It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allâh, but it is piety from you that reaches Him. Thus have We made them subject to you that you may magnify Allâh for His Guidance to you. And give glad tidings (O Muhammad SAW) to the Muhsinûn[] (doers of good). (37)

(22- Surah Al-Hajj: Ayah 36-37)


Sadiya Akhtar

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