I’m thankful to God for…

24 Dec

Life has its ups and downs. When circumstances get tough, our first reaction is to get gloomy over it. Rarely do we sit down and thank God for the goodness around us – for the blessings He has endowed us with. Rather we complain and grumble. “I deserve more, don’t I? It could have been better, no? Why is it happening to me in the first place?” Amidst these questions subsists an ungrateful and disgruntled soul. What it fails to comprehend is that each of us is unique. And there exists a beautiful balance of characteristics and possessions. What we have, others may not have it. And what we don’t have, others may have it. Instead of being ungrateful to God, we truly and wholly need to consume our energies in paying gratitude to Him. Today, for a change, for a happier you, try listing down what you’re thankful to God for.

The article includes the most interesting of the many responses that I received.

Ayesha Farid, NUST Business School
I’ve been a jerk lately. For no proper reason, I’d either stay away from others or get pissed off at everyone around. Moreover, to worsen my mood, I’d be questioned, “Are you okay?”, “Is there something wrong?”, “What happened?”, etc. Eventually I’d begun considering myself magnet to every possible problem known to mankind. That is, till I came across people living a life much unfortunate than mine. Somehow, these very people made me realize how blessed and complete my individuality is. I’m thankful to God for making me who I am.

Adnan Babar Reshi, NUST Business School
Many things can be listed here. I’m thankful to God for being a Muslim, for my friends and family and all those with whom I share my life with. Without them, my life would be meaningless. I’m thankful to God for the sportsman spirit I possess for I believe it’s not the victory or defeat, but the effort which counts the most. Also, I’m thankful to God for blessing me with my awesome hair :P and for my not being bald.

FD Sheikh, Professional Academy of Commerce, Lahore
To be very short and precise, I’m extremely grateful to God for granting me the peace of mind. When there occurs any unfavorable event in my life, though heart aches for a moment, but very soon a smile (bit sad smile may be) spreads on my face followed by this very tranquil notion, “There is something better in each and every task of Almighty Allah. He is not going to burden me more than my abilities”. It also makes me realize the mortality of this temporary world. Trusting on Him, I carry on, on and on… That’s why I never get discouraged, depressed and dispirited, Alhamdullilah. :) And I think that’s something very special Almighty Allah has granted me with. :)

Ali Suleman, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
I would thank God for my magic wallet that automatically fills up with money whenever I need it. And for my fantastic cupboard that is always hanging all my clothes cleaned and ironed. And for my mystical study table that so decently piles up all the books I am used to leaving scattered all over. And for my ghostly room that cleans itself up everyday I return from university. And for my supernatural dining table that conjures up delicious meals whenever I feel hungry. And for my mysterious refrigerator that creates all kinds of ice-cream and chocolates one can imagine. And last but not the least of course, to my smart blanket that I amazingly find wrapped over me when I wake up after a night it rains. :P

Salman Latif, UET Taxila
I’m thankful to God for letting me the ability to think. And letting me have education and appreciate different forms of art. Maybe I’m also thankful to Him for letting me a restless soul. :D Not to forget, I’m thankful to God for letting me the opportunities to debate, to write, to read, to have books and novels and OH YEAH!! TO USE THE INTERNET :P

Rabia Abbas Malik, NUST Business School
Right now, I’m thanking God with every fiber of my being giving people the brain to invent a website called Wikipedia. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to survive a single semester of my bachelors’ degree. Come to think of sitting in a lecture hall for three straight hours and studying Macro-Economics? … Thank you God for the Motorola L6 which accompanies me during such never-ending moments of life. And what would life be without an iPod Without those summer block-busters? Without those perfect Masala flavored LAYS?! Without that comfy bed? Without the glasses I wear? Without those Facebook quizzes? AND thank you God I’m living in ‘this’ era of technology. THANK YOU GOD!! THANK YOU!!

Mehwish Shams, NUST Business School
I’m thankful to God for blessing me with a beautiful and clear skin, for the car Papa recently gifted me and yes, to the traffic police, for the diving license! *winks*

We may not have it all, but yet we have a lot. Happiness envelops us in the minutest of all things. It’s time we recognize the gifts and talents God has blessed us with. Only then can we be pleased and contented with our lives.

Courtesy: Momal Mushtaq

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3 responses to “I’m thankful to God for…

  1. Zunaira Afzal

    December 23, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    This is so sweet a write up. Just loved it.

  2. FD Sheikh

    December 24, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    A pleasure read. =)

  3. ihtisham tamas

    September 8, 2013 at 6:54 am

    ya allah forgive me for my sins, i have started to appreciate life. i love you dearly and i must say thank you for making me a muslim


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