Teamwork: Together we shine

25 Nov

It happens quite often with most of us that when there is some function or an event in our school or anywhere else which requires teamwork, we find ourselves ill at ease. If we are not involved in any activity, we are more than happy but if we have to participate in public or in a group, we get confused, nervous and lack confidence which results in lack of the required devotion and enthusiasm that the event demands. Eventually, we try to avoid participating in activities and keep ourselves away from such events.

Why aren’t we sometimes willing to participate in teamwork or in an event in which we are supposed to chip in actively? How can we get rid of such an attitude? How can we give our best in teamwork? Well, there are always ways of overcoming any problems, and things are no different in this case. So let’s consider a few tips that will help you out.

Acknowledge others’ efforts

To some, what others do is not important, at least not as much as their own efforts. However, recognising and appreciating the efforts of others is one of the leading requirements when it comes to working in a team. Accept generously and appreciate the efforts of other members in your team. It doesn’t matter if it is of very little importance to you, a few words of appreciation will do wonders to the confidence of others and that is sure to reflect positively on the end result.

If there is no appreciation, it is likely that the team members will become disinterested in the work. When you acknowledge their efforts, they will be delighted and willing to appreciate and support your efforts as well. But do make sure that the acknowledgement is genuine and not flattery as that is sure to become obvious.

Everyone deserves to be appreciated for whatever contributions they make to teamwork. And if there aren’t any good efforts, keep in mind that each person has different capabilities so appreciate even those who make a small contribution to the project, as long as they did try to fulfil their roles.

Become involved

Once your team members are motivated, it is most likely that all of you will become fully involved and will do your portion of the work wholeheartedly. Participate and contribute in a meaningful way.

By accepting and appreciating others, you can break down barriers between yourself and others that kept you restricted and disinterested in working well as a team. It’s only after this that you will start enjoying your participation with your team mates. Inspiration and exciting ideas will also flood your mind and the creative vibes will surely touch everyone.

Share and shine

Knowledge, happiness and ideas get multiplied when you share them with others. Listening to your ideas and witnessing your creativity, it is quite possible that your team members would also come up with something new. And together, as a team, you all will come up with something worth being proud of.

Jealousy leads to jeopardy

If your colleagues are shy for any reason, ask them cordially to get involved; and if they are already involved and giving their output more enthusiastically than you or doing better than you, don’t get jealous. Your jealousy will burn you only.

Be optimistic but not envious, because if your team member is doing much better than you, it is going to have a good result on the project you are all doing together. And ultimately you will also benefit from a task done successfully, as will everyone else in the team, no matter who had contributed more to the work.

However, if another team member is jealous of you, you just need to be very careful but not worried. A little stubbornness in your attitude may give others an impression that you are proud. Once the impression as proud has been conceived about you, the work will not be undertaken very enthusiastically by others.

So be down-to-earth. Never show a haughty attitude. Be friendly and cooperative to your colleagues. Your humbleness, positive and cooperative attitude will drain away all negative feelings from the minds of your mates and you will enjoy cordial relationship with them.

Patience pays

It is a fact that every human being is different from others not only physically but in nature as well. There are people with cooperative, rigid, polite, rude, jealous attitudes. Just accept the fact that no human being is flawless, everyone has weaknesses and so do you. So learn to accept people with their weaknesses as well as strengths.

Success as a team will only come when your combined strengths are more than your combined weaknesses. So it is wiser to help others overcome their weaknesses and make better use of their strong points when in a team. Be patient and learn to forgive.

Meet your deadlines

Now that’s something really significant. You are undoubtedly supposed to meet your deadline for the given job. If you procrastinate and don’t meet your cut-off date, mind it you are the offender! It’ll give vent to undesired and negative impression about you among your colleagues.

Criticism hurts

Criticism is a critical issue. Healthy criticism given in a constructive manner will be taken in the right spirit by most people but harsh criticism only hurts. When we unduly nit-pick and bring to light our team member’s misconducts and faults in front of everyone, we are making them embarrassed and hurting them.

After this we can’t expect them to be happy working in a group with us, which will most likely jeopardise whatever we are doing together. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter why we failed as a team, what matters is that our team failed and thus, we failed too.

Try not to bring to light the faults of others and if it is too important to point out then speak in isolation to the person concerned. In this way, that team mate will remain optimistic and never get hurt. Such courtesy when working in a team is very important in getting the job at hand done successfully.

While many individuals shine in individual activities but when in a team, they seem lost and often lose. A successful team member is most likely to be a successful leader too. So do you want to be a leader or a loner?


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6 responses to “Teamwork: Together we shine

  1. Ahsan Umar

    December 4, 2010 at 11:00 am

    The cover story Together we shine by F.D. Sheikh (YW, November 20, 2010), was a wonderful piece of writing. The elements essential for teamwork were described in an excellent manner; for instance, when you are in a team, you should acknowledge others’ efforts as well, as one has to involve him/herself to share the stuff with other members of the team.

    Moreover, there should be no jealousy among the team members as it always leads to disaster. Patience and healthy criticism play a very constructive role in a team’s task.

    Ahsan Umar,

    (4 Dec, 2010 DAWN)

  2. Diya Akhtar

    December 4, 2010 at 11:01 am

    full of healthy tips.
    I think crux is that “learn to accept people with their weaknesses as well as strengths”

  3. FD.Sheikh

    December 4, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Thanks Diya. And very well said! We should accept “Generously” as no human being is “complete”.

  4. Scarlet Gem

    December 4, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Good Work :P

  5. Omar Iftihar

    December 4, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Liked the piece…nicely written!!! :-)))

  6. FD.Sheikh

    December 4, 2010 at 11:03 am

    Thank you all. :)


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