Little Acts of Great Importance…

10 Sep

Forsooth, electronic gadgets have facilitated mankind more than his imagination. But the thing that causes detriments is its rule over humanity. It might be strange to some but I feel, somehow, technology (especially electronic gadgets) has ensnared mankind. Keeping in mind human behaviour, the grave loss that it has caused is dearth (or may be death) of elegant exchange of sentiments among human beings. The prime instance, which would prop up this fact, would be observed on Eid Day, when a simple SMS would seem more than enough to greet the big event to dearest ones, a mere phone call (characterised by cheap calling rates) would do the trick for visiting relatives individually.

On Eid Day almost every one gives the impression as if time doesn’t allow them to visit friends and relatives individually. I speculate what is that giant-job that would cause immeasurable loss if is not accomplished that day? We don’t visit our relatives, we don’t bother to spend time in markets to buy some Eid cards for our dear ones, then where is our precious time gets ‘utilised’? The answer to this bizarre query lies once again in technology or more precisely in electronic gadgets. The time we squander in messaging or playing games on PlayStations throughout the day can be best spent with relatives. But regrettably, it’s easier said than done for technology-afflicted people like us to set down our gadgets for a day and relish the beauty of family get-together and exchange of emotions.

Actually, we have been directed towards a strange tendency where far away residing virtual friends (BFs and GFs specially) are prioritised over the real ones. We prioritise fulfilling the sleep of nights (that usually is deteriorated on talking to ‘frands on cells throughout the nights) over marking the event enthusiastically and that’s why we end up spending most of our Eid day on bed. We prefer playing games on our PlayStations over going to the house of our worker personally and giving some Eidi to his/her offspring.

On Eid we are supposed to share the moments of joyfulness equally with poor as well. But alas! How can we, who even are unable to manage time for their own families, manage that for others? And somehow if we do manage time for them and gift some money so that they also could mark the event effervescently; it’s amalgamated with the feelings of haughtiness. We feel we have conquered a great mountain. And at times our harsh and conceited attitude in this regard draws the poor into the marshy land of inferiority complex. And eventually snatches away the real joy of the event. They say, To speak a kind word and to forgive people’s faults is better than charity followed by hurt. An unfortunately we don’t realize the emotional process which a poor undergoes. We are unable to realise and revere the feelings of our own dear ones, so how can we sense that of others?

To some such little things might be of minor significance but in fact they carry a lot of weight. This year while marking Eid, keep in mind, such acts of ours may seem little but in fact they carry a lot of weight. We are not supposed to sacrifice them on the cost of technology and snooty behaviours. Eid Mubarak to all of you! :)


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Posted by on September 10, 2010 in Events


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