The Cuckoo of Happiness

15 Aug

At times I wonder and wonder consistently about the reason of the “pure essence of happiness” that gradually fades away from our life. As we advance towards adulthood, the spirit and extent of enjoyment, delight, joviality and pleasure tends to decrease. Especially in this era where people remain overshadowed with clouds of depression, gloominess and despair; the real Colours of Life hardly seem to be in action.
If we walk down memory lane, we will recall that when we were in very first decade of our lives, every moment was full of delight, filled with glee and brimming with love. In school, we shared our lunch boxes with our friends. Once home we played an assortment of games in nearby parks, unmindful of the sun and sand, and relished other frolics.
We celebrated each and everything about life — events of cheerfulness that were seeped in naughtiness. We would rejoice the pure essence of every moment of each carnival. What a beautiful living it was, full of merrymaking activities!
But now everything seems to have turned upside down. Happiness seems like an unfamiliar or probably an indisposed emotion. When two people meet for the very first time then reluctance, shyness and uncertainty in their attitudes is natural. But I wonder that why do we have such an attitude towards ‘happiness’? Happiness along with its pure essence has been our best companion since our childhood. But now, why such an alien attitude towards it! It seems that it has disappeared somewhere.
Actually, the key reason is that we have imprisoned the cuckoo of happiness in the cage of events, functions and occasions. When we are grown up, we don’t share joy with others unless there’s any special occurrence in their life. We wait for an event to see them, to meet them. We wait for the birthdays of our dear ones to give gift them. We wait for the festivals like Eid to share happiness with poor. We wait for an occasion to visit our relatives. In short, we wait for happiness to be created and celebrated rather than finding pleasure in each moment. What if we gift something to our friend or see him/her congenially without any special event in his/her life? Believe you me; we would rejoice the pleasure quite similar to those childhood days, when we shared our lunches with our buddies, played together, shared our toys, daily without any “special occurrence”, without any “special event”.

During Ramazan a lady in my neighbourhood snatched such a moment from herself and from a beggar by uttering, “Chalo baba maff karo, Let Eid come then I will give you Eidi”. Her words pinched my heart. I thought, we — who used to create moments of pleasure in our childhood not only for ourselves but also for others — are now not willing to bring a little happiness in someone else’s life even when one ‘begs’ for it. How unsympathetic it is of us!
Some of you may argue that life was trouble free in childhood that’s why cuckoo of happiness was also free. I cent percent agree with them, during childhood we merely carried the burden of a “diaper” with us (and most of the time we didn’t have to even bother with it) but now there are tons of worries and problems attached to us. And these are the chief obstacles in a fun-filled track of life. Some of us feel tensed because of exams, some are surrounded by thoughts of their future, some are caught up with daily social issues, some with those of employment — all are worried about uncountable “worldly” issues. We desperately need to reduce these chaoses around us and then set free the cuckoo of happiness. Now another question pops up, how can we reduce these worries? How can we be trouble-free just like our childhood?
The one line answer is: having faith in yourself and above all in your Creator.

There are times we lose faith in the only person who is responsible for our happiness — ourself. We all make choices in life, and the only way we can learn from our mistakes is if we make them. Every failure gives us an opportunity to succeed and every pain makes room for relief. It is very important to understand the very basic law of the universe — the night never lasts forever, there is always a day that follows. Bookish! I know, it may seem but it is a fact.

And most of all, your Creator is the one Who himself promises, “On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear”. (Al-Baqra, Ayah 286), then what is left to worry about. Nothing. Simply nothing. It is just a matter of faith. If by handing over our jewelry, important documents and money to worldly guardians (banks) we can enjoy a peaceful sleep then why not to entrust the One Who is the guardian of these worldly guardians as well.

Try thinking of it this way, and in no time you will unleash the cuckoo of happiness… forever. :)


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7 responses to “The Cuckoo of Happiness

  1. [Meow]

    August 15, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    I’ve already said this before somewhere else, but I’ll say it again anyway: I love the line, “.. we have imprisoned the cuckoo of happiness in the cage of events.”

    Really shweet article, Farhanbhai :]

  2. Pomy Wilco

    August 15, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Well, I dont think so, you said that essence of happiness fades away…
    Actually its a dependent on how you ve spent your past…I myself have been through a past thats is not worth to being called as a good past, for me the real joy of life and the real happiness of life has just begun…

    [i]”””Especially in this era where people remain overshadowed with clouds of depression, gloominess and despair; the real colours of life hardly seem to be in action.”””[/i]

    Depression, gloominess and despair or solely we can say the negatives of life emerges only when we look at the past and thinks about future… I dont look at the past and never thinks about future I dont have all these…
    Ishfaq ahmed says that a lady tailor told him in italy (I think)that “CLOSE THE DOORS BEHIND YOU”
    Simple sentec got a deep meaning…Close the doors of past and you will be happy…
    and future is basically nothing, its just our imaginations of tommorro, practically speaking future does not exists…

    So Live in today and the CUKOO OF HAPPINESS will……. Live happily as it deserves….

  3. FD.Sheikh

    August 15, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    @ Meow
    Bundle of thanks meow. :)

    @ Pomy Wilco
    Well I heartily respect your viewpoint, my dear. :) But see, retrieving past in the article, The Cuckoo of Happiness, primarily is to highlight the “innocence” of childhood, when every child regardless to any sort of benefit or favor is ready to share joy, happiness naturally. I’m not denying Ashfaq Ahmed sahib’s viewpoint and that of yours as well. but its context is little different from that of the article. :)

  4. Hira Mawra

    May 1, 2012 at 1:45 am

    couldn’t help a smile at the end.. beautiful piece, JazakAllah :) the ending lines touched my heart… :)

  5. FD.Sheikh

    May 1, 2012 at 1:46 am

    thank you hira. this piece very close to me as well. enjoyed writing. :)

  6. Fayyaz Khan

    May 2, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    very nice

  7. Zeeshan Ahmed

    May 2, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Haye ♥


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