Wanna empower your MEMORY?

14 Aug

“Where are my spectacles, mamaaaa?” I shouted and shouted endlessly as it had been fifteen minutes and I, the sole owner of two weak eyeballs, could not locate my eyeglasses anywhere. And tacitly without them the ‘blurred world’ around me was not less than an agony. Someone has said how truly that for a person whose eyesight is weak, spouse is of less importance as compare to his/her eyeglasses. The truthfulness behind this particular statement can only be realised by those who actually wear eyeglasses. Anyhow let me come back towards the point. Actually the fault never used to be of mine, the only thing which was the culprit was my “poor memory”. I often forgot where I had put my eyes (eyeglasses). (But the situation was not that much severe that I could be named ‘amnesia-afflicted-guy’). And after rummaging around for a long time when I found them seated on my own head I wanted to bump myself into the wall (but then being soft hearted, I took pity on myself. Lol…!).

Similarly once another instance of my poor memory came out to the world when my mom sent me to bring Dahe (yogurt) from the nearby market. I gave the shopkeeper a crispy note of one hundred rupee and returned home without balance money and the packet of dahe as well. After returning home the way I was ‘greeted’ by mom, I still can recall perfectly even after five solid years (memory at least supports here… Hooray!).

At times, I thank Almighty God that I’m not the only member of ‘poor memory club’ of my family; the father-in-law of my brother accompanies me copiously. Rather it won’t be wrong to mention that he’s among the oldest ones whose ability of memorizing things is not very good in my family. The state of his ‘strong’ reminiscence is that once when he was newly married, visited some relatives and when the function was over he forgot his own Mrs. out there. (Believe you me I’m not exaggerating at all.) And once he had to visit WAPDA office, he went there in his grey coloured car and when was to return, he erroneously inserted the key into the car parked very next to his own. Interestingly it got unlocked as well (at that time there wasn’t any sort of security system which might have buzzed). Thank God, the owner of that car was a gentle aunty who got the innocence of my uncle otherwise you can imagine truly what could happen to him…!

I know a number of the readers would place themselves in the very same category expounded above. As forgetting things or being poor at memory is a very common phenomenon all over the globe. The student class finds it quite intricate to memorize their lesson perfectly. Likewise, it’s not a sure bet for business community to remember various terms and tricks to take significant steps in time. For this they have to be prolific at their memorizing capability. And due to this people belonging to various walks of life often grieve over their poor reminiscence or flimsy memorizing ability. For that reason, they adopt various methodologies to boost their memorizing skill. Some take medicines or some eat almonds, some visit Khakeem or some rely upon milk. But mostly the result doesn’t churn out as desired. Anyhow, today let me help you to resolve this particular problem.

Components of Human Memory:

Scientist and psychologists assert that basically there are three main components of memory. They are the sensory register, the working (short-term memory) and the long-term memory.

The sensory register is the component of memory where original and unrefined information goes first. The duration of sensory register is quite limited, which means that the information that is sent here is not going to stay for very long. The information must be transferred to the working memory.

Short-term memory is usually enlightened with this example. “When you are in a process of recalling a phone number that was heard a few seconds earlier, or the name of a person who has just been introduced, or the substance of the remarks just made by a teacher in class, you are calling on short-term memory, or working memory.” The fundamental purpose of this part of memory is to retain the ideas and thoughts as we work on problems. For instance, to resolve an arithmetic problem i.e. “(4*4)-(2*2)” in your head, you need to keep the in-between results in mind (i.e., 4*4 =16) to be able to solve the entire problem.

As the name mentions, Long-term memory is meant for long lasting information. It may last from a minute to weeks or even years. Long-term memory helps you to recall common information about the world that you learned on past events, memory for specific past experiences, specific rules previously learned, and likewise.

The more you use, the more you get?

It’s the unique characteristic of human mind that as much as one makes use of it, it strengthens that much. In today’s busy life we don’t have ample time to ponder about our matters or even about ourselves. That’s why when we don’t pay attention to the various matters; we often forget various things pertaining to them.

It’s said that during the course of difficult studies or technical business routine a human being tries to utilize his/her mind as much as possible. Due to that reason he/she goes through incessant mental exercise and it results in sharpness of mind and a good memory in one go. However, latest science and psychology rejects this phenomenon. During the course of difficult study or technical job etcetera human beings are found to ponder about some particular filed and department. As a result, though, mentality level gets boosted in only that particular field where the mind is applied, nevertheless, all other matters that are neglected (or are given less attention) get affected negatively and result in poor memory. For instance, it’s almost impossible for a cricketer to perform as well in hockey as s/he performs in cricket. In the same way, if our mind works superbly in one field, it’s not necessary that it works wonder in every other field as well.

How to overcome poor memory?

Experts say that to keep mind fit and healthy we ought to practice some specific exercises on a regular basis. Just like it’s mandatory for any player to do exercise similarly the player that resides in our cranium (grey matter) also demands exercise. Otherwise it gets rusted gradually. Usually, it’s thought that mental exercises mean to resolve tricky puzzles or mathematical or geometrical problems but in actual mental exercises are quite easy to adopt and simple to practice.

It’s free of cost…

I Know, your exams are quite near and for that reason you people will be keyed up to come across the formula which may improve your memorizing capability. But the problem is that in this industrial and modern world the only thing which one could find free of cost is “inflation”. But even then you don’t need to worry at all; the exercise which I’m going to unveil in front of you people doesn’t entail even a single penny. For this you merely require 30 to 50 minutes in a day. It surely will work superb for you

What you have to do is to sit alone on relaxing chair in a calm room, where there is no/less noise and light is quite dull. Now close your eyes and start thinking. Begin with the very first work you did in the dawn and move ahead step by step. The only care which you ought to keep is that the events that you recall remain in the very same “sequence” as they actually happened in the day. If the sequence gets broken, start from the beginning again. Let me revise, the events should be recalled in the very same order as they actually occurred in the day. And the other important thing is that you only need to “recall” the event. Don’t go for the “reasons” of the event or in any other depth. When you get done follow the very same procedure once again. (Just consider that the order of events remains same). Initially, the diminutive events would get forgotten by you but try to recall the every possible thing orderly. Try to recollect even that things which actually didn’t happen but you only did plan for them. And after few days, also make an attempt to summon up the comments given by the people about your work. This particular exercise might be hectic and time consuming at beginning. But after some days things will get smoothened gradually and you would be able to recall each and every diminutive thing that you did in your day. It’s a fun and certainly you’ll enjoy it. Experts have asserted that such an exercise not only can increase the mental abilities but also can be one of the best cures for people who are bad at memorizing the things perfectly.

So what are you looking for, readers? Let’s adopt this exercise together and prove that how powerful the young world is in memorizing the things flawlessly. ;)

(DAWN, Oopss…forgot the date!  Poor Memory, you know… :p )

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2 responses to “Wanna empower your MEMORY?

  1. Taimur Ahmad

    August 14, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    gr8 work.
    I read somewhere that the best way of memorizing things is to see the funny part of it.
    Like if you are playing cards, you can give names to specific cards. (e.g. I name the Jocker cards on my friend’s names). It helps me remembering which cards have been gone and which are still in the hands of players. :):)

  2. FD Sheikh

    August 14, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    thank you boy. :) hahaha so true. i second that. :D


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