Safari in Lahore

14 Aug

Surrounded by a grove of trees, Lahore Wildlife Park (more commonly known as Safari Park) has been the centre of attention for those who want to experience a touch of adventure.

Far from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Safari Park is ideally situated in a sparsely populated area near Rawind Road Lahore, where hundreds of wildlife lovers visit along with their families every day.

Just beside the entrance there is a small hut made of net, where freely roaming, playing and flying peacocks, ducks and a variety of other wild birds are a source of great pleasure both for kids and grownups. Interestingly, visitors are allowed to go inside the hut and admire the beauty of nature at close quarters. The area has been neatly organised as per the need of these wild beauties.

Inside the net, no one is permitted to leave the walkway specially made for tourists so that birds don’t get disturbed. Nevertheless, visitors don’t let go of this rare opportunity of capturing peacock’s beauty on camera, especially when it spreads its feathers. That’s why every tourist inside the net-hut is found having his cell/digital camera in his/her hand.

Just beside the entrance there is a small hut made of net, where you find freely roaming, playing and flying peacocks, ducks, just like visitors.

Just across the birds’ zone there is the real adventure zone of the park — the lions’ and tigers’ region. Enclosed by solid iron fence, this particular area has plants that have an ambiance of a typical African forest and inside it lives the king of the jungle — I’m talking about lions and tigers (including the white tiger as well). With an aura of power and terror, lions and tigers can be seen roaming around arrogantly.

Sitting in cars (with car-windows closed tightly), tourists can have a round of the forest. It’s a bit scary but truly adventurous! However, at the same time it feels thoroughly daring and exciting. Also keep in mind that if it is summer, the car better be an air conditioned one as it can be quite suffocating with the car windows closed tightly.

A few metres ahead there is a huge play area for kids. Equipped with a variety of swings and other fittings of children’s interest, the park captivates a number of families, especially on Sundays. Besides, the aforementioned sites there are a few others as well, including a serene pond and deer zone, etc. The enjoyment doubles if the blazing sun takes pity on the tourists and allows the clouds to rule the sky for sometime.

If you have never been to Africa, you can get a feel of what it would be like to take a safari there once you visit this park with its well-kept ground and wide variety of animal life.

(-August 14, 2010  DAWN)
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One response to “Safari in Lahore

  1. Kashif Soomro,

    August 28, 2010 at 8:36 am

    The article Safari in Lahore by F.D. Sheikh (YW, August 14, 2010) was an enchanting piece. After reading it I felt like going to Lahore and visiting the Lahore Wildlife Park. I love animals, birds and all that is natural, however, I felt that there should have been some nice pictures of lions and tigers that were mentioned in the article. It is my request to the YW team to please add more pictures with wildlife articles next time!


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