Weird attitude of People during Ramazan

04 Aug

“Ramazan is a month of blessings, peace, tranquillity, patience and a great source of gaining countless rewards from our Creator. We Muslims, come closer to Allah Almighty during this fabulous and sacrosanct month. Every Muslim tries to offer Namaz and other adorations with more fervour and zeal than in the remaining months of the year. Everyone desires to gain infinite love and blessings of God,” said Faseeh’s mom while discussing the importance and glory of Ramazan with her child.

Faseeh had returned from school quite early as the school timings were shortened due to Ramazan so that students might not get tired due to large study hours. After resting for an hour when it was time for doing home assignments, Faseeh thought; “Yar mera to roza hai, assignment nahi hoga mujh say.” So he didn’t complete his home assignment and the next day defended himself by saying that “Madam, mera roza tha issi liya kam nahi ker saka…” The teacher too didn’t punish him thinking that “It’s the sacred month of Ramazan so she ought to be more polite and kind.”

During Ramazan when people try to obtain undue benefit on the basis of fasting. There are many “Faseehs” in the form of shopkeepers, businessmen, employees, students, housewives and servants who try to gain “undue privilege” in this Holy month. Although we offer Namaz and other adorations with more fervour and zeal than in the remaining months of the year, our attitude doesn’t change. Rather it becomes more weird and worse than before.

There is more peevishness and selfishness in the behaviour of the people during Ramazan. Whether you see a shopkeeper, businessman, employee, student, housewife or a servant; aggressiveness, peevishness and selfishness are apparent in their attitude and quite often find them saying“Yar mera roza hai, please mujhy tang na karo.”

During the revered month of Ramazan, shopkeepers don’t stop lying to sell their goods. Businessmen don’t hesitate to use unfair means to flourish their business. Employees think that they have done a great trick by dodging their boss in different affairs of the business. Housewives don’t stop back-biting. Students don’t stop deceiving their teachers by presenting incomplete assignments and defending themselves by saying that they are fasting.

Why is it…? Why do shopkeepers use to accumulate a hoard of low priced or discounted goods (which are particularly produced during the month of Ramazan to facilitate low income families)? If they plan to gain extra profit by selling these discounted goods after Ramazan at their actual price, they should also observe that apparently they may earn extra profit but in true sense they are the losers. Yes, the losers! Not only in this mortal life rather in the permanent life after the Day of Judgment, too. Because the money earned dishonestly would be a cause of Allah’s anger on the Day of Judgment.

We aren’t doing a favour to Allah Almighty by fasting then why do we say; “Madam, mera roza tha is lye kam nahi ker saka…”or “Yar mera roza hai, please mujhy tang na karo”? Allah has said; “Roza is for Me and I myself would give its reward.” If we observe carefully we’ll understand that all the benefits of Ramazan are just for us. Either we talk about physical benefits or spiritual tranquillity, the remuneration is for us. It’s proved medically that fasting is truly beneficial for health. Ramazan is our training period. After eleven months spent in sins, crimes, ignorance and darkness, Allah gives us an opportunity to reform our habits, attitude and behaviour to become better Muslim. A Muslim who follows “Sirat-i-Mustaqim”, a Muslim who tries to fulfill rights of human being which are more important than the rights of Allah Almighty itself. Yet, if we don’t understand and don’t try to bring a positive change in our attitude, there isn’t a more unlucky person than us.

So in a nutshell, if every blessing and benefit of Ramazan is just for us, there shouldn’t be any reason to say; “Madam, mera roza tha issi liya kam nahi ker saka…”or “Yar mera roza hai, mujhy tang na karo”. Rather we should try to accumulate each and every blessing of this month along with fulfilling our daily tasks honestly. We should neither feel that we conquer Mount Everest daily by fasting nor should we try to attempt undue profit or advantage during this Holy month. May Allah grant us the ability to realise the true spirit of Ramazan and make us capable to be better and better every year, in every aspect of life. Ameen!

(Dawn, 14 October 2006)


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