A New Resolution

01 Aug

“Baboo! Allah tujhay bangla dae, gaaree dae, paisa dae … Chaand see dulhan dae, Baboo! Meri madad kerta ja… Allah ke wastay kerta ja’. These prayers were given to me by a poor lady in a shopping mall. I smiled, not at “bangla or chaand see dulhan” but at the materialistic approach of today’s human being.

Today, everyone seems to be after wealth and entertainment. We seem to have just one mission: acquisition of money. People simply want to fulfill all their desires on the basis of this so called ‘treasure’, either by hook or by crook. Money is everything for us: our faith, our qibla and our purpose of life. Missing a prayer never pinches us as much as the cancellation of a business contract.

When I was about to enter my practical life, my Dadu (grandpa) told me, “We are just like an artificial tree which doesn’t have roots: a tree whose leaves (read: deeds) are artificial, whose flowers (read: virtues) are artificial. And obviously, when a flower is artificial, there isn’t even any question of fragrance of ‘spirituality’ from it. But if the same tree has thorns (read: sorrows), they could cause as much pain as the thorns of a genuine one.” At that time I couldn’t comprehend what Dadu wanted to say, but now I’m more acquainted with real life and can understand what he meant.

I can cite my own example to clarify what my grandpa meant. Daily, I get up in the morning, wear dressy clothes and set out for routine tasks. After putting in a full day’s work when I return home, I still feel empty. My conscience whispers that I’m purposeless. Sometimes this “money minting routine” makes me fed up of my life, where I don’t find a few moments for my Creator and if I luckily find some of them, they are amalgamated with the concerns of this mortal life and hence lack spirituality.

Working for bread and butter is unavoidable, just like prayers if performed in accordance with the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). But the question is how many of us follow the path of our beloved Prophet (PBUH)? Telling lies, deceiving the customers, adulterating goods, neglecting office duties have now become a routine for all of us. In fact, these malpractices seem to be techniques and canons of successful practical life. As a result of these wrongdoings, it is possible to achieve wealth, but not peace, contentment, spiritual relaxation and serenity. As a result, despite fulfillment of various worldly desires we still feel empty and experience hatred, discords, violence and depression rule the society.

Today, when we are about to commemorate the 60th year of our independence from the British rule, we are still ensnared by materialism. Let Us make a new resolution: To get rid of this evil jailor. Let’s soak our roots into the essence of Islam and turn out to be a genuine tree with the fragrance of spirituality.

(The News)

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