Rizq-e-Hilal (Legitimate Livelihood)

03 Jul

Derived from 17th grand name of Almighty Allah, Ar-Razzaq (the Ever Providing), the Arabic word Rizq encompasses a broad yet easily comprehendible perspective. It includes all aspects of a person’s subsistence and livelihood under its definition. Every thing, for instance, the money a man earns, the clothes he wears, the house where he dwells, his off spring, is part of his Rizq. And when the adjective “Hilal” is associated with it, it becomes more sanctified and consecrated.

And in the heavens, there is your sustenance and all that you have been promised” (Al-Zariyat, Holy Quran). “And whoever fears Allah – He will make a way out for him. And will provide for him from where he does not expect.” (At-Talaq, Holy Quran). In spite of these righteous saying of Holy Quran, let suppose our rizq is something that is purely associated with our efforts i.e. the more you work, the more you earn. Then what about those who work hard all day in their respective businesses and make no money-rizq? And there are sometimes when they put very less or may be no effort and they get a precious gift, may be from their friend or relative. It is also their rizq which they earned without putting any extra effort. Their name was written on it. And Almighty granted this portion of their rizq through their friends. So we come to a conclusion that rizq is something that is not associated with a person’s ability or his efforts. If it’s so, incompetents and animals would never have survived on the phase of this globe. That’s quite logical. Isn’t it?

Now let’s see, what’s Rizq-e-Hilal? In simple words, Rizq earned through legitimate and licit means is termed as Rizq-e-Hilal. When a child is born to a family his Rizq is already determined even before his birth. And to attain this rizq it is up to a person what ways does he adopt to get his predetermined rizq? If he earns it following the rightful path, as directed by our religion, he turns his rizq into Rizq-e-Hilal. And earning a Rizq-e-Hilal itself is Ebadat. In addition, it’s interesting to be noted that whether we sit, stand, sleep, walk, speak, do business, study, cook or play if it is in accordance with Sunnah of Holy Prophet (SAW) and teachings of Quran, we are worshipping Almighty Allah incessantly by performing these routine chores of life. And in this particular context, Rizq-e-Hilal is something extremely important that’s ought to be earned complying with the teachings of Islam. Iqbal rightly said,

Ay Tair-e-Lahoti us rizk say moat achi
Jis rizk say aati ho parwaz main kotahi
(PAC )
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