Memorable Memories >>> M.M

12 Jun

In today’s fast pacing world, there are not so many people who have the courage to gift the most precious asset of their life-TIME, to others. It may seem ridiculous, I know but I really mean it. Bhaaiii, today people are busy enough that even they barely manage time to see their family members except on weekends (and in some cases even weekends also don’t spare! Huh! :| ). Ah! Don’t get frowned man… You are right. Cent percent right in fact, It’s not applicable among friends. I agree. :p Friends are there for you. Always. Whenever you want. Side by side. Yes. They are. But you know, even in friends it is only true when you are among those lucky souls whom Almighty Allah blesses with a very decent and altruistic group of buddies. (Hmmm… Now got it na?;p)  Thanksss Gooddd! I’m among these sanctified souls. :) My friends are always there for me. Even when I’m not in time of danger, actually. ;)  *Bows* to all of my buddies who have made my life, LIFE. :)

Ummm why was I in need of this short piece of writing, all of sudden??? O.O Rolling eyes? Right? :p Well, ummm it’s solely owing to the creative girl known as M.M. :P who randomly texts but whenever she does, brings smile (excluding some specific moments :p). She texted that she is all ready to work on my blog’s lay out. Unexpected! Once again, it was. And as expected, I nodded my head in affirmative and sent her the required details followed by the password of my blog, which of course, I can’t tell anyone here… :p So she dived in and came out after hours of hard work with the design that’s in front of all of you. Simple yet attractive! Liked it, Mo. :) Ummm, I know I can’t reimburse your hours of hard slog but this short gratitude-note, I hope, would be a memorable part of your Memorable Memories. ;)



Posted by on June 12, 2010 in Dil ke Batain


2 responses to “Memorable Memories >>> M.M

  1. M. M.

    June 14, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    It’s so sweet that I don’t know what to say (:

  2. FD Sheikh

    June 25, 2010 at 9:03 pm



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