Stifling the Real Soul of Cricket

14 Apr

Life is quite fast in this era. Everything is being done in the twinkling of the human eye. The reason behind that is, due to unique innovations in lifestyles everyone wants to accomplish his responsibilities adequately in no time. Whether we talk about spending time with our family or fulfilling office tasks, swiftness occurs ubiquitously.

The same is the case in the playground. Games also have speeded up. Sports that are of a short duration and have swiftness, attract the spectators. Wrestling, football, tennis etcetera are some of its instances. Today, let us have a bird’s eye view on the speediness of one of the most admired game in sub-continent, cricket.

In the 18th century, cricket which originated in England and Australia became popular gradually in the whole world and began to take root among the people. These five days matches began to be appreciated highly by the people. To create a bit of modernism and swiftness in it, “One Day Cricket’ was introduced in the 1960s. This new type of cricket made progress by leaps and bounds and soon became an integral part of cricket. In the view of such popularity, the holding of a World Cup began from 1975 and this activity is in progress even today.

Test and one-day cricket have blessed the world with an unfathomable sea of stylish and quality players. Sir Vivian Richards, Malcolm Marshall, Allan Border, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, the Waugh Brothers, Rahul Dravid, Brian Lara, Wasim Akram and Mohammad Yousuf are a few waves of this splendid sea.

A few years ago, another innovation took place. As a result, a new type of one-day cricket was introduced and given the name of “Twenty Twenty Cricket”. This type of cricket match, consisting of two innings each of twenty overs made its recognition in no time and proved to be a grand source of “Fun and Entertainment” for the spectators.

Nevertheless, the scenario is totally changed and unacceptable for a genuine cricket connoisseur, and it should be thought seriously as to how we will be able to get another B C Lara with his stylish strokes, another Steve Waugh with his sportsmanship and another Imran Khan with his envious strategy, in the future? For Fun and Entertainment of the spectators, there is no dearth of films and dramas of three to four hours. We should not pull out the real soul of cricket just for this reason.

Above all, this type of cricket has shortened the careers of cricketers as it increases the chances of inflicting injuries in the players, rather turn them into fighters who do nothing but just quarrel with the ball blindly.

No doubt, things demand innovations with the passage of time but some remain everlasting and never grow old. Their value and importance remain constant. If ICC (International Cricket Council) is promoting twenty twenty cricket just for fun and entertainment of the general public players of this glorious game to hit blindly every ball for a boundary or over it. They always tried to hit the ball on its merit. Players of such calibre can’t play this type of game. Rather street players can be suggested for this “new and fast” type of cricket.

If you play cricket with your child in your home, you may come to know that he will also desire to hit a six on every ball. This being so, how can you differentiate between the strategy of an international player and strategy of a road player or a serious cricket lover. If you are a “true fan” of cricket and know about the soul of it, you will agree with me that this type of cricket is playing a role of pestilential insects for the crop of stylish and quality players. I would say candidly that Twenty20 Cricket has stifled the real soul of cricket quite badly… Why?

To hit every ball for a six or a four is no doubt a sheer desire of players, but only those who are playing cricket in the street or on the road. Isn’t it? It was not the strategy of the great players of the past.

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