A catty adventure

13 Mar

Lying on the bed, with popcorns in right hand, little Sara was watching Tom and Jerry. All of a sudden she heard a “meow”. She giggled, imagining it was Tom who produced the sound. But soon after that, once again, she heard the very same sound of a cat’s meow. And this time she realised it was not Tom.

She quickly changed the channel to confirm her doubt. The sound kept on and it was getting louder and louder. Thinking that there would be a cat outside the window, she resumed to watch her favourite cartoon show but when turned to pick up the popcorn pack she screamed.

Just beside her, a fat, dark greyish and shinning-eyed cat was staring at her and sharing her munchies. Sara ran out of the room at once and fretfully informed her mum about the cat. In order to get rid of it, Sara’s mum came up with a smart idea. She went to Sara’s room and opened the window pane to show an open way to the cat. As she opened the window pane three more cats came into the room. And this time it was Sara’s mum who yelled at the top of her voice and ran out from the room!

Both, Sara and her mum took refuge in the storeroom and left the rest of the house on the mercy of the four impish cats, which had a ball running around the whole house. They didn’t spare any nook and cranny of the rooms and the kitchen. In the kitchen they pawed the scrumptious vanilla custard, cheese, butter, mutton and their favourite creamy milk.

The two scared ladies didn’t even dare to peep out from their hideout. Luckily, Sara had her cell phone in her sweater’s pocket and so she phoned Ali, her elder brother, and told him the whole story. Ali made fun of her for being such a coward and replied bravely, “Oh shame on you, Sara! You can’t get rid of four little cats! You truly are a coward girl. Wait, I will be there in five minutes and clear the area.”

But as he reached the house to rescue his mum and sister, his claims of bravery and valour soon went down in the drain. The four cats harassed the ‘brave’ Ali. In an attempt to throw a jug of cold water on the cats running around the kitchen, he slipped on the floor and collided with some dirty plates. And when he tried to get up, his head slammed with the sink he cried out of pain. He then heard laughter and thought that the cats might be laughing at him, but he discovered that it was his sister and mum who were peeking through the partially open door of the store room. He got up angrily as they tried to control their laughter.

Now it was the turn of Ali’s mother and sister to make fun of him, which annoyed him more. By now, the four cats had made a total mess in the kitchen with a dozen eggs lying crushed on the floor. Ali shouted aloud for help. The two ladies now somehow managed to gather their wits and come out to help Ali but slipped on the broken eggs and crashed into Ali. Now the three of them were lying on the floor, looking at each other glumly and the cheeky cats were running around them confidently.

Suddenly, their father arrived and stared in astonishment at the messed up house, with the front door still wide open behind him. As the cats had eaten enough and had had their fun, they quickly ran past him and were out of the door before he had time to realise what was happening. On moving inside further he saw his family on the kitchen floor, covered in flour and egg. He burst out laughing and then Ali, Sara and their mum also looked at each other and laughed out loud.

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Posted by on March 13, 2010 in Humour, Kiddy-widdy


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