Rayasat hogee “Ma” k jaisee….

17 Nov

Yesterday on (July 1, 2009) rise of fuel prices every common man protested against it and looked at Supreme Court for a Sumoto Action to be taken against this inauspicious act of government. However, expressing jurisdiction of Supreme Court an analyst commented that it is beyond the powers of Supreme Court to take sumoto action against the rise of petroleum prices. As this particular action has been passed by 2/3 majority of parliament so it has become part of constitution. Judiciary being a guardian of constitution is bound to keep a check on proper implementation of these laws according to constitution. It takes action if someone violates the law. It is not there to make any amendment in it. This act can only be reversed by 2/3rd majority of parliament.

True, it is beyond the jurisdiction of Supreme Court to take Sumoto Action against the rise of petroleum prices as it was lawfully done according to constitution of the Land of Pure. But why does Supreme Court not take any action against the deliberate shortage of petroleum supply that was made a day before the actual rise in price? Every one of us had to suffer extremely that day. Being a student of commerce there come some queries in my mind that need to be answered by high officials and Supreme Court. Why does Supreme Court not call petroleum authorities for shortage of supply on that particular day? Why does Supreme Court not demand the record of previous Sales and the Sale on that particular day and asks the reason of less supply and sale? Why does Supreme Court not ask petroleum companies to compensate the nation for that particular day? Every sane mind can surmise easily that it was a deliberate shortage by the petroleum authorities to sale the petrol later on new “increased price”, earn undue profits and to spoil common man. If Supreme Court calls the concerned authorities to answer for the aforementioned queries, definitely they are going to be in a fix as if they conceal the actual sale and falsely show normal (high) figures of their sale, they will have to pay “Sales tax” on it. And on the other hand if they show the actual sale (that certainly would be less than the “normal sale” made in ordinary days) they would be the culprit and culprit of nation ought to be punished for their malpractice at any cost.

We have reinstated judiciary at risk of our life with a motto “Rayasat hogee Maa k jaisee” And now if this state doesn’t treat us as a mother, its institutes do not serve justice; mind it, this nation will never ever forgive…Never!

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