Forethinking-the bone of contention?

07 Nov

It’s a usual practice everywhere that people presume many things without contemplating. We come across various instances daily when we act on the basis of our assumptions, eventually ending up with more problems than ever and more mentally disturbed then we were before.

Presumptions sometimes turn out to be quite accurate, however, it is not necessary that things may actually turnout to be the way we presumed. We tend to give vent to our imagination to come to a conclusion about anything or anyone in whichever way we want. The result is that in case of people, we may suspect their actions and act unfairly towards them.

Presumptions ruin our peace of mind, primarily for pessimists as they are always inclined to see the negative side of any situation. But even if a person is not a pessimist, you might be unfairly judgemental unless you are an extremely kind person who does not let negative thoughts enter the mind about anything or anyone.

Let’s assume, for instance, that you need some help from your friend or anyone and that person refuses to help you. Chances are you will be offended and may perhaps be crossed with him or her. You might remember the times you helped that person and decide never to help him/her again.

You don’t need to think negatively about that person, it might be that s/he has some genuine reason due to which this person is not helping you out. In this situation, your negative supposition makes you angry with that person. However, if you had presumed something positive about that person, it would never have disturbed the peace of your mind.

Presumptions may seem very common and ordinary in daily life, but such routine acts can adversely affect one’s mind. According to Zainab Afzal, “Assumptions like, ‘It seems she doesn’t want to do…’ are enough to stifle a friendly relationship and we become unfair to the other person. However, if you have known the person for a pretty long time, then it is likely that you will make positive assumptions.

“In the past, if you have been disappointed by someone or didn’t find his/her standing by you through thick and thin, or his/her attitude truly reflect his/her wrong intentions, then certainly you can deduce the person’s intent up to a good extent, and behave accordingly,” Zainab adds.

Forming assumptions about others is normal but it is best to avoid it in case we might just be wrong. And when we do make presumptions, we should not ‘stick’ to them unless we are very sure that they are true.

So always keep in mind that the person who apparently seems dangerous or selfish to you, might actually turn out to be a good and dependable friend. So keep your mind from forming unnecessary assumptions and you will lead a happier life and have healthier relationships.


Posted by on November 7, 2009 in Viewpoint


2 responses to “Forethinking-the bone of contention?

  1. Inshra Khan

    December 1, 2009 at 10:57 am

    Nice article FD,u have conveyed quite optmisitic thinking.

  2. fdsheikh

    December 4, 2009 at 9:50 am

    Thanks Inshra.


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