A Day Before Exam Day!

15 Aug

014766BL “She is the one who has stolen sleep of my nights, Farhan. She comes in my dreams, makes me crazy. I run after her. You know I just can’t live without her. I’m baffled, how would I be able to live without her”, one of the best pal of mine screamed in one go. “You are talking about electricity na?”, was my spontaneous and silly response. “Please yar be serious. I’m not in the mood right now”, he responded in an angry tone. I got embarrassed at my childish behaviour “Sorry Faseeh, I didn’t know you were really serious this time. Acha, let me know who is she? What does she do? Am I of any help to you? Reply soon and hey sorry once again”, I replied followed by the sad smile at MSN.  He didn’t respond for a minute or so. I further got perplexed. Probably he got angry. When my anxiety reached at inflation rate in my dear country I spoke, “What happened? Reply tou kar yar…!”. “She…hahaha… Actually, I was talking about assignment of Professor Miss Gul-e-Nasreen. La la la la, score is even now, my dear friend”, he replied followed by “:p”. Errrr…. I was maddened. Wanted to bump myself into the wall but I didn’t as my house had a white wash just a week ago.

Literally, I can’t figure out the reason why does human mind not work when exams are round the corner? You know tomorrow I’m going to have my final exam of accountancy and that too of CA, the father of all disciplines of confused-student-library_~IS0266N5Acommerce studies, and I’m not willing to study a bit of it. Just PC, TV or mobile. It’s pretty strange tendency of mine, or probably that of every second youngster; I do not work at proper time. Like when I’m free and have plenty of time to do many things, I don’t do anything. And when I am sucked in exams and don’t even have time to do anything I want to do everything. :( And what to say about Mom’s lecture….uff…! I love my Mom a lot. A lot. A lot and a lot. But when she runs after me grabbing a mug of creamy milk. Yuck! Literally, I feel like committing suicide but I don’t as I have many other things to do. :o “Ma, I can’t drink this creamy milk. Agay kum mota hoon main kya…” Looking for my spectacles I responded tiresomely. “Beta, if you don’t drink milk, how will you be able to do well in your exams?” “With the help of my friend, of course.”, I muttered. “Now where are my spectacles, Mamma?”, I forgot once again. By the way, at times I think that for a person like me, who wears big numbered spectacles, spectacles are more important than wife. Isn’t it? I mean, let suppose you are attending a wedding ceremony and all of a sudden you broke your spectacles, now let me know how would you locate your wife out of hundreds of women out there. And incidentally, if she also wears a giant number glasses tou bus phir, Allah he hafiz…!

Ohoo aik tou, I’m tired of my poor memory, Ma, where are my glasses?”, I asked my heaven. “Stupid, On your head!”, my sister retorted. I wanted to drown in chuloo bhar pani but I didn’t because it would have caused wastage of water and my darling country is already running short of water. Nani says, when I will get married one day I will forget my better half somewhere in a party. My elder brother who has been imprisoned in the cage of marriage for past seven years or so always responds in a miserable voice, “how lucky he will be!” “What?”, thunders his better half followed by a Bheege Billi response of my brother.

I don’t know from where I took the start and where I’m going to end this particular piece of writing but wherever it would be, please do me a favour in the end, do pray that tomorrow my paper goes well as I just have gone through the date sheet and came to know, tomorrow is the paper of Business Law instead of Accounting! Ops forgot once again! ;)

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