Failing the Failure

06 Jun

19Recently while attending a psychological education conference I not only came across selfish attitude of today’s human being but it also unveiled some key factors behind it. In every walk of life, we tend to have self-centered attitude. Leaving others for the sake of hell, every individual wants to pave his/her own way only. Consequently we flop nationally. Let’s be precise and observe the example together. In our educational structure, we are taught to “compete with others”. A person, in order to prove his/her abilities and “defeat” his opponent puts day in day out efforts. On the other hand the opponent also moves heaven and earth for the very same purpose. And eventually on the day of competition one outshines other. One becomes victorious and the other defeated. Now if we observe bit rationally, the victorious is also beaten at the same time. See, both of the competitors are the sprouts of the same tree, Pakistan. Both have to lead “one” country in future. Their combination in form of Mr. A(victorious) + Mr. B(beaten)=Pakistan. So in this way though Mr. A wins individually but nationally he is defeated as he is contributing to Pakistan and Pakistan also has to pocket one individual who is defeated (by him). Two members of the same the team (country) but one of them wins and the other loses. How inauspicious it’s!

Actually the thing is that seed of competition between two individuals implants the roots of “self-centeredness”. Most of the times both of them don’t appropriately share with each other the body of knowledge they possess. As they keep some part of the knowledge as key secret to be used in examination in order to secure “first position”. (Some may not agree with this viewpoint but sane observation asserts, this attitude does exist specially among position holders. As when there is competition between two individuals, none of them would be able to outshine the other unless one possesses some extra points in his/her mind, specifically to be used in final examination.) Consequently, one leaf of the tree is fruitful and the other of the same is autumn stricken. This certainly leads to an imbalanced nation.

Confused? Indeed a bit! As if we won’t compete with others how would we excel then? How our performance would get improved? These are the queries that might have sprouted in your mind right now. The answer is, “compete with your own self”. In every exam, regardless to the performance of your class fellow, compare your performance with that of yours in past. If it’s is improved, congrats you have got the first position. And if it is not, even then the ball is in your court. You don’t need to be demoralized. You are not defeated as your competent was your own self. You couldn’t defeat yourself. Who is victorious then? Certainly, yourself! Isn’t it? Challenge yourself once again, work harder and defeat yourself in next attempt.

The greatest advantage of this mindset is that it won’t let you be depressed at any phase of your life. Your motivation and will power would always remain accelerated. And one day you definitely would achieve what you wished for. You’ll be victorious, your nation will be victorious, and your homeland will be victorious. No one would be defeated then. The celebrations will be up to seven skies. Also this state of mind will reduce evil feelings of jealousy. The buds of brotherhood and courtesy will take the roots and eventually will result in a fertile tree in form a successful and united nation.

Nevertheless, one thing that is worth mentioning in this entire scenario is the strength with which you challenge yourself. Mind it, it’s is your “passion” which drives you towards your destination. It should always be in top gear and it’s only possible if one keeps it focused towards its target and recalls again and again, “I’ll defeat myself, I’ll reach the target. I’ll show the world I’m not less than anyone”.

So today, let’s decide to fail the failure permanently by shifting our track from “healthy competition with others” to “competition with our own-selves”.  Just give it a try and experience a smoothly successful life…Best of luck. :)

(YW, Dawn)


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6 responses to “Failing the Failure

  1. Stuart

    June 6, 2009 at 11:16 am

    I totally agree. This is the problem with fitness in schools in my opinion, too much emphasis on competing with others, when it should be about fitness. The same applies to everything in our lives – it should be about how good you are, not how much better you are than someone else.

  2. [Meow]

    June 7, 2009 at 5:14 am

    WARNING: I am not responsible for putting you to, or making you wish for, sleep.

    * * * Nowww..

    I have to both agree and disagree, Farhanbhayya :[

    First off – What I really, REALLY agree with is: One ought to compete, always, with one’s own self. If we just did what we’re supposed to do – set our goals, and then chase them – no one would ever need to go into the complexities of competition and schools, and so on and so on. The aim should be to surpass, today, what one was yesterday.

    Rule of thumb: See where you are. Wait a day. See where you are, again.

    If you’re closer to your goal, you’re doing fine.

    If you’re wondering if it’s you who’s closer to the goal, or that girl/ boy who sits next to you – Warning bells, because you’ve stepped on forbidden ground.

    Now – what I disagree with: There is a difference between “competition” and “rivalry.” COMPETITION is where you try to surpass another; while RIVALRY is “being in competition to secure something THAT ONLY ONE CAN POSSESS.”

    Catch the difference? There’s a very faint line between them, the type of line you don’t see and then trip over, the type of line that is responsible for a lot of things. And somewhere in today’s world, we’re overlooking that line, and then tripping because of our mistake. Above all, we’re not getting up again because we tend to overlook our mistakes the same way we overlooked this line. We’re blurring the two into one, you see.

    The fault lying with the system: Our schools SHOULD be promoting the spirit of competitiveness. They need to infuse it into students so that all of them, eventually, try to outshine each another and, in the process, polish their own skills and abilities. And – supposing schools were as they ought to be – in the end no one would come out a winner, and no one a loser: There would be a balance between different activities, and one would be the best at grades, another at sports, another at debate.

    – That’s equality with a twist. And it happens because of competition.

    Buttttt our system doesn’t believe in that. What it wants lies somewhere between the Jack-of-all-trades and the I-am-the-so-best type. And a lot of that results from rivalry.

    Our schools don’t prefer rivalry over competitiveness – They just don’t know “how” to convey what they want to convey. What schools should be telling students is: There’s the top. And you can reach it if you try hard enough. But what they end up telling them is something like this: There’s only one place at the top, and you’re either getting it, or you aren’t.

    It’s in trying to digest that latter statement, that students become rivals. And the system labels that “competition” without even realizing what it’s done.

    Competition is healthy rivalry. And healthy rivalry is rivalry that comes with sportspersonship, courage and, above all, the preference of learning over winning. You see, in the end, it doesn’t matter what you call it – you can call it competition, and you can even call it healthy rivalry, but a rose by any name would smell as sweet. The end is excellence, and the start is willingness.

    Willingness to learn. And then willingness to compete.

    P.S: You awake? =pp

  3. Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

    June 7, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    I agree with you F.D Sheikh!!! Nice article…
    “I’ll defeat myself, I’ll reach the target. I’ll show the world I’m not less than anyone.

  4. Samreen

    June 11, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Great article FD bhai.I completely agree with you.This principle(compete with yourself) really works and I always follow this principle and it has changed everything. .Here I am going to share a quote I have read somewhere “I never compete against the competition.The only one I compete against is myself,because one day I will beat the competition and then who will I compete against?”-Billie Akauola.

  5. FD.Sheikh

    June 24, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    @ Meow:
    “If you’re wondering if it’s you who’s closer to the goal, or that girl/ boy who sits next to you – Warning bells, because you’ve stepped on forbidden ground.”
    well said! rest “sportsmanship” is something we fall short of which and result is the same that is mentioned above…

  6. fdsheikh

    June 24, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    And bundle of thanks Stuart, Omar, Samreen and Meow for admiring the piece. :)


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