It’s a guy thing, dude!

14 Apr

“So on women’s day, here is the thing for our female folks. Indubitably, on your day you would have received various tributes, acknowledgements, mark of respect, and awards but here we are going to present you a unique a unique sort of write up which definitely will make you show some grins. After reading this particular article most males will exclaim, ‘What’s all the fuss about?’ But women would surely declare, ‘How true, how true, it’s…!”

Folks, it’s easy to classify girls, they hold such diverse personalities. And quite often you might have read various write ups revealing as assortment of females in our society. But let me tell you even guys don’t lag behind. So let us unveil the variety and psyche (only if they possess) of some ‘decent’ sort of guys together. (Let me clarify once again we’ll only look at the lot of ‘decent’ guys).

In realizing the mindset of various gals and dividing them in various groups, you may have to ponder over with a deep intellect and observation but as far as this poor lot of guys is concerned, you won’t need some extraordinary intelligence to come across their frame of mind. So without wasting a single moment let’s scrutinize this “Walidain k Burhapay ka Sahara” lot by classifying them into following categories.

The Burger Family

Let us start with the most abundantly found lot of this era, the burger family (we at Lahore call them ‘mummy daddy boys’). Profoundly impressed with Showbiz Icons, these heroes always are swapped in most faded, tattered and filthy jeans with sparkling (and again in rags) T-shirt and try to give an impression of John Ibrahim. Just like antiques placed in museum, these guys follow ‘old is gold’ when it comes to jeans and keep on wearing it without months of washing. Due to dilapidated condition of their outfits, at times for people like me it becomes quite difficult to differentiate between these heroes and beggars in the streets. But hats off to their ‘electrified’ hair that always remain in standing position and work as a symbol of distinction for them.

The Body Builders & Dons

As the name shows, this particular lot is the production of action thrills of neighbouring country. Daily after discovering various combating skills from their favourite filmy heroes (and villains), these poor Dons try to amplify their talent in their colleges, roads and street corners. Wearing armlets in their hands and puffing the smokes of cigarette (in style), they act to be blackguards of their vicinity. And what to say about their frail hangers-on, they are found roving around with them until the end of time.

Dons aren’t the only ones; there are body builders as well which are correlated to this group. Wearing tightest sleeveless T-shirts with silly slogans or picture of Ash on it, they try to be the coolest lads on the globe. And their simply matchless brawny body gives a four-fold increase in their personality! This lot is often found at street corners, in shopping malls and in parks till late at night.

Mobile Phone Frandshipers:

These are the most “honest and sincere frands” which gals can ever have. These trustworthy fellows remain busy in grasping the cell numbers of poor chicks. Blowing the trumpets of their sincerity and innocent nature on cell phone, they try to demonstrate that they are the only well wishers of girls out there. Few years back it was bit difficult and expensive for them to grasp the numbers of girls and phone them furtively but let us give a round of applause to mobile phone companies for launching the ‘mid night rates’ and ‘chatting rooms’ to assist this particular category. Ab karo bat, sara din sari raat!


The class which I’m going to share now has a firm faith in this statement, “Charr din ke Zindaganee ha phir andhraree raat”. This set of boys wants to enjoy their life at its fullest. No doubt, they like to study as well but only at eleventh hour. If we talk about dressing and some other traits of this group, it may draw a parallel line with the Burger Family but still there is a slight difference between them. The second category (bunker-cum-lufanters) deals with a large variety of boys. You’ll find desi, valaete, rich and poor guys under one roof in this lot but the burger family usually includes the well-off and so called educated and sophisticated guys only.

Internet Cha/eatters

Brimming with lovey-dovey dialogues of Indian movies, substandard poetry (usually from SMS) and filthy language, it’s one of the most pitiable categories. Just join any social networking community on internet as a female and within a week you may feel yourself to be a celebrity over there because there will be a mob of these guys requesting you to approve their friendship request.

Jack of all Trades…

Among the various groups of guys, it is the most astonishing, latest and unique invention. This special collection of boys pokes its nose in studies and possesses the aforementioned traits at the same time. Basically they keep their note books for two purposes. Number one, to copy the lecture and second to jot down the phone numbers of fair sex (which by the way is very unfair) and to copy romantic messages and verses. But finally none of these two purposes proves fruitful for them. That’s why these heroes-cum-zeros can be headed under this statement quite smoothly, “Jack of all trades but master of none”.

The Exclusive Class

You would have listened quite often that one fish contaminates the entire sea but what to do when there is only one sanctified fish? Let me honest to say that this is truly a decent class of boys. Unfortunately, some of them often get infected with the holding categories (mentioned above) but in most of the cases they maintain their exceptional ratings splendidly. Regardless to other classes, these icons uphold their level of decency at zenith and not only mark achievements in educational field but prove their guts in extra-curricular activities as well.


So dear readers, these were some of the categories of ‘decent and sophisticated’ guys out there in our society. Hope you (specially our female readers) would have enjoyed the piece. Shakespeare once said, “Half the man is, and half is his personality”. You are free to adopt any style of living but just keep it in mind that your way of communication, style of dressing and manner of living demonstrates not only your personality but your f

ay of communication, style of dressing and manner of living demonstrates not only your personality but your family background as well. Happy living!

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