Website Review-PBSKIDS

07 Apr

Hey kids! Do you want to be a feature of the world full of fun and excitement? Do you want to join in a unique learning school run by your favourite pet-characters; puppy, duck, sheep and so forth?

But before this, let me know that have you ever been to the multicoloured and enchanting world of these pretty pets? No? Really! Hey man, what are you waiting for? Open a new window without a moment’s delay and log on to

I bet, yes I bet, you would like to be glued to this colourful world forever. And adding excitement to your delight, your parents would never thunder against your long and long internet usage hours as well.

Daffodil, Norville, Flo and Zoo, Jorge, Clifford and Hooper are some of the main animal characters who act as your playmate and guide in their respective sections which include Puppy Letters, Story Builder, Puzzles, Colouring Book, Post Cards, Games, Music, Videos and what not. They play a wide range of extraordinarily interesting games, you are never going to be bored of which.

“PBS Kids Go” also has a little advance section for older kids. Those who like solving puzzles, playing little technical games, music, videos, shows, sharing their own stories and much more, they would certainly be hooked to this section. It includes a variety of shows managed by various lovely characters including Arthur, Cyberchase, Maya and Miguel, Fetch, etc.

Friends, you know, one of the best features which PBS Kids includes is that many of the sites on PBS Kids have submission areas for you to share your creative work. For this, just write “submission” or “send” in the search tag.
Besides, there are innumerable out of the ordinary exciting activities which I’m not disclosing here. For this you have to log on yourself and explore the site with fun. Cheers!

(April 4, 2009. YW, DAWN)

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One response to “Website Review-PBSKIDS

  1. M. M.

    August 23, 2009 at 10:46 am

    Sounds cute. More like me :P
    I’m gonna check it out (:


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