It’s all about Leadership

15 Nov

3a1An evolutionary leader plays an important role in the formation of a dynamic society. Fabulous personality, brimming with passion, perseverance and having practical approach are some of the vital elements that form a great leader. Just like a moon brightens up the entire dark sky, similarly a good leader can change the destiny of a nation. He’s a source of inspiration for the entire country. Though the nation might have “passion to do something”, but it is somewhere buried in them. It’s the leader who discovers it, and then leads the way towards destination.

In order to support this viewpoint we don’t require looking into others’ history. Our own history is replete with such examples. About 1400 years ago, when humanity was drowned into the dark ocean of ignorance and the four corners of globe were simply out of order the divine mercy keyed up and an evolutionary leadership brought the people back to ‘life’. It was the ideal leadership of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), which made ignorant Arabs victorious and the most flourishing nation on the globe.

Pakistan is a fertile land endowed with the best human capital. Auspiciously, Almighty Allah has granted us uncountable abilities, yet we haven’t been able to discover them. It is all because of the dearth of “good leadership”.

Tim Sebastian, a renowned foreign journalist, once commented, “Pakistan is the land of opportunities, unfortunately it lacks competent managers.”

Now the question is how to bring the evolutionary leadership that might buff up our talent and show us the ideal path towards destination? Bringing a foreigner to lead us is simply out of question, because even after freedom if we have to shoulder the slavery of the West (which unfortunately we are having) then what was the purpose of our independence?

The only solution in such a scenario is to bring about exemplary changes in our attitude and mentality; in short a change in our way of life. As Allama Iqbal puts it: Zara num ho tou yeh matti bari Zarkhaiz hay saqee… In this connection, the first step is to bring back the educational structure and the knowledge which the West stole away from us decades ago.

We ought to learn from our own stupendous past, because the nations who forget their past are often beaten and eventually forgotten by the world as well. Today, almost all of us are conversant with each and every aspect of the imaginary character of Harry Potter but only a few (or may be none) of us will be abreast of the valiant personalities like Tipu Sultan and Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi. Going through the personalities and achievements of such heroes will give the youth of today the role model for their future lives.

The role of teachers is also quite imperative in this regard. Instead of lamenting over various crises prevailing in the country they are supposed to motivate, encourage and prepare the youth for healthy competition. We ought to bear in mind that great leaders steer their nation out of the difficulties. The great leaders like the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Tipu Sultan, Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi, Mao Tse-Tung (Chinese Leader), the Quaid-i-Azam, stood against the tides of time, faced difficulties in converging people towards the right path and emerged as great “leaders”.

There are two aspects through which a country’s success is gauged. One is based on the economic facts of the country and the other is the world of “faith”. The more powerful you are in the later one, the more successful you are in the earlier one. As the saying goes: “If you believe you can, you probably can but if you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t.”

(15 November, Education, The News)

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