And here it comes, the Wedding Season

01 Nov


n the land of Pure, each and every season contemplates its own beauty, its own pleasure and its own fascination. Whether it is foggy winter or warm summer, dry autumn or sparkling spring; Pakistanis have an inborn relationship with this entire family of weathers. They take pleasure in all these beauties of nature by relishing them at their fullest. Still, it’s not the end; there are various other seasons that are also rejoiced with equal fervor, cheerfulness and vivacity. And among all of them the most pertinent and exceptionally vital is, the “wedding season”.

Wedding season is the season of Dulhas and Dulhans, an occasion of glee and a juncture of ecstasy. It’s a period when a number of fiancés and fiancées are knotted into the sacred relation of marriage. The vibrant celebrations of weddings in Pakistan cleave to their own traditions and ethnicity. That’s why they hold their recognition all over the world.

Customarily, it all starts when the climate tends to be moderate. When the arrival of cool winters heralds the end of warm summers, the first pleasant sun of wedding season is supposed to be risen (and usually it happens in the mid of September or in the start of October). Bazaars start brimming with a variety of wedding necessities. A wide range of latest, enchanting and glamorous wedding attires corner the markets. In every second street, a house wearing the brightening wedding lights seems pretty gorgeous in night. The glinting state of cities brings the colors of life at their acme.

In our houses, mostly wedding preparations commence at very early stage, when someone gets engaged. But the real excitement sets in motion when the date of marriage ceremony is fixed. Mother, sisters and cousins of Dulha/Dulhan start scurrying various bazaars (the one which suits their “style” and “pocket” in one go) and buy a variety of vibrant attires, jewelry, make up kits and such other necessities of the ceremony. In Lahore DHA-Y Block, Liberty, The Mall and Shadman markets are supposed to be the most expensive souks whereas Ichra, Anarkali and Panorama are meant for middle class category. Similarly, in Karachi Gulf, Park Towers, Forum, Dolman and Millennium Malls cater the high gentry and Sadder, Tariq Road, Hyderi and Jubilee Markets serve the middle class community.

Women, specially mothers and sisters of bride and bridegroom take immeasurable pleasure in wedding shopping. “Early preparations of marriage have always been very much exciting to me. There’s nothing more precious and enlivening for a mother that she could see her child on wedding stage and play with her grandchildren afterwards. That’s why mothers relish the every moment belonging to the marriage of her child. The essence of my wordings can only be realised truly by those who actually have enjoyed this beautiful experience” says Mrs. Naseem Dilawar, Daddoo (grandmother) of three grandchildren.

It won’t be untrue to mention that blood relationships are honored and deemed in east more than in west. Sisters, Khalas, Phoppos (aunts) and first cousins are those sacred relationships that still are highly regarded in our society. They particularly play their part in weddings of their brothers, sisters and cousins. Asma Musa, 25, delightfully says, “It happens to be quite effervescent whenever the wedding of any close relative comes in. During the course of hectic and tiresome routine life, it provides me the moments of pleasure. I purchase a variety of outfits for the big days. Heavily loaded with lights and colors, markets herald the presence of life during this particular period. And most importantly, such get-togethers provide us a chance to meet all our friends and kindred at one place. ”

Indubitably, the eminence of glee among women is imperative but the way shopkeepers treasure the wedding season is also worth mentioning. “For a garments’ shopkeeper, the most pleasing months lie between October and February. It’s the time span that brings the business of entire year for us. A number of weddings and the occurrence of Eid at the same time, financially proves quite productive for this business community and for that reason if one asks about my favorite season, I bluntly reply, ‘wedding season’ ”, comments the owner of a garments’ shop in Liberty Lahore.

Shopkeepers are not the only ones who mount bundles of money during this sparkling season, there is, however, another party who equally shares the plot and that is called wedding and food caters. This party also rules the roost, when there’s dearth or unavailability of marriage halls and good food suppliers. Once bad fortune knocked at the door of food caters when victuals were interdicted in weddings. Nevertheless, as soon as the ban was laid-back the conditions became suitable for them.

In nutshell, Wedding Season is one of the exceedingly prominent seasons of Pakistan which brings the airs of merriment, warmth of pleasure and rains of bliss. The various multicolored rites of Pakistani nuptials; including Mayoon, Mehndi (Henna), Barat and Valima are meant for marking the occasion traditionally and getting pleasure from it. However, we should never fade the loveliness and elegancy of these memorable events with the element of “ostentation”. Best wishes to all those couples who are going to start their new journey of life during this season. Happy Wedding Season!

(October, 2008. You page, The News)

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