What’d you like to be?

18 Sep


f you ever ask any teenager that what would he like to be when s/he grows up? In most of the cases the answer you receive will not diversify from “Doctor”. Doctors, engineers, teachers, pilots, chartered accountants etcetera are some of those personalities that are highly venerated and admired not only in this part of world rather all over the globe. And for that reason, intelligent and studious youngsters always submit their day in day out efforts to chase such dreamy positions.

Tacitly, you’ll agree with me that at this juncture these spirited young souls make a vow to serve their countrymen whole heartily (with no cupidity of crispy-currency-notes). But when they step into the practical world, their vows might not get upturned initially; nevertheless, they must get ‘staggered’ with the passage of time. And usually once there comes a moment when these vows prove to be spineless.

It was raining cats and dogs outside and inside she was crying with pain unremittingly. Sixty five years of age, my granny had not eaten any thing for last four days. Whatever she was given, was vomited by her at once. The hide and seek of electricity was adding fuel to fire. The clock was striking 5 of the morning and granny’s condition was going to be severer. Before it could happen out of control I rushed towards the nearest hospital of my house.

The department which I was referred in the hospital was crammed with patients. And unfortunately there was not a single doctor to examine the poor sufferers. When I inquired the nurse, she replied, “Doctor sahib was bit busy in a meeting. He’s just coming within five minutes”. Fifteen minutes passed and there wasn’t any symptom of the doctor nearby. I myself headed towards the staff room now. And as I entered the room, to my wit’s end, the lights were switched off and the ‘Doctor Sahib’, the personality devoted towards humanity, was snoring just beside the soothing warmth of a heater.

The grave level of my despondency made me crest fallen at the time when after initial check up of granny I came across that the equipment of the hospital wasn’t good enough to operate the patient. I was all at sea now. The only option I was left with at this bloodcurdling moment was the hospital that was considered to be the most expensive one of the city. “How would I shell out the bulky fee of the doctors out there? Would I be able to meet the expenses of the hospital or…?” These interrogations kept on roving somewhere in my mind incessantly. But regardless to all these alarms, I rushed to that hospital (rather I had to rush).

In this private hospital, the competent doctor and his staff were paradigm of knowledge and sophistication. They examined granny quite proficiently and within a day she started recovering her health. The next morning after seeing the tranquil and smiling face of my Nano (granny) I was overwhelmed. And after three days, when the hospital authorities approved the discharge slip of the patient, I took the breath of relief and prostrated in front of Almighty Allah thousands of time. But as soon as I was handed over the bill of the hospital, I was struck with astonishment once again. “Rs. 30000 only, Sir”, the voice of the recipient sounded like a thunderclap. “Thirty thousand of just three days!” I responded astonishingly. “Sir, it is a private hospital and that too of a standard. People pay more than Rs.100000 of one day and you are roaring over thirty only”, the recipient replied smilingly.

It’s not an appropriate time to confer how we managed to meet the bill but I was absolutely shocked at this particular incident. As compare to that government hospital this private one was utterly different. These two hospitals, their staff, their doctors and even their patients were the poles apart. One was the earth and the other was the sky. In first, doctors were as lazy as a snail and in other as active as you could imagine. In first disorderliness was crossing all the boundaries and in other there wasn’t any limit of neatness. Both were meant for human beings. Both were legally responsible to serve ‘humanity’. But shockingly there was the big difference of ‘class’. You can only avail good medical facilities only if you have bundles of money to feed the doctors and their staff. On other hand if you are financially pathetic, don’t expect much… As the vows often prove to be spineless, really… I have experienced!

Sometimes I think that there would be a time when these doctors who charged us Rs. 1500 per visit (and that too of 5 minutes barely) might also had vowed to serve humanity without any lust of money. They might have felt the twinge of poor, the screech of sufferer. And now it’s your turn, the YOUTH. Let me ask you, what would you like to be? A Doctor or a Money-Minter…. Reply honestly please!

(Youth Magazine)


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6 responses to “What’d you like to be?

  1. Momal Mushtaq

    September 23, 2008 at 6:41 am

    Wow… o.O @ the ‘Doctor sahib’!! I wonder if there are any hospitals left that actually serve the humanity… *tearful*
    PS. I wanna be neither =P

  2. [Meow]

    March 14, 2009 at 3:29 am

    Can I be both? Pwease? Pwetty pwease?

    Ok. So, jokes aside, I’d rather be neither. My family says that, at the speed I’m writing stuff and giving it off to magazines that don’t pay, I will hopefully achieve my dream of being penniless and without even a ‘phooti kauri’ to live on, in a few years’ time.

    It’s not my dream, really. THAT’S AN ACCUSATION, PEOPLE, AN ACCUSATION!

    Err.. *hides*

    What you wrote about the stark contrast between private and public is too true, Farhanbhayya. And, given how negligible the worth of talent and passion are, in our country these days, it’s no wonder more and more people opt to go the money-minting way. Money, frankly speaking, is god. THE god. You NEED it to survive, no arguments about that.

    Even if I was a doctor [which I never ever plan to be], and I knew I had either to choose between minting money, or serving humanity [which, in today’s corrupted world, more often than not leads to no money = no facilities], I’d choose minting money. Because, as long as the satisfaction of helping others is there, I can suffer poverty for myself. But how can I let my family, my children suffer it? Would I want THEM not to be able to have the facilities of life, and good food, and clothes, and books and, above all, a good [which is directly proportional to expensive] education?

    I personally know people who’ve thrown humanity to the winds, and gone with the must-make-money flow because they’re afraid. Not for themselves, but for their children. And even those who don’t mind relative poverty or, if that’s taking things too far, let’s say a tight budget, now they’d rather make money. Because they can’t really serve humanity without money – Going with the ‘doctor sahib’ example, proper equipment is needed for proper service. And proper equipment costs. A lot.

    The only real solution lies in the equal distribution of wealth in a society. That’s the way Islam laid it down, and that’s the ONLY way it should be. Full-stop.

  3. fdsheikh

    April 8, 2009 at 2:36 am

    Both! :O lol that sounds interesting and, if I’m not wrong, something that prevails in our society today!
    Well, well, well, you have concluded offering a very good roadway-equal distribution of wealth. But the big-names-doctors hazrat (tycoons of the field) are not ready to realize. I mean, there is a private hospital in my vicinity. The besttttt doctor of the country serve here and remuneration they charge errr err makes me feel pessimistically-they are Money Minters and one of the biggest hurdles in Equal Distribution Of WEALTH-the god. :/

  4. Dr. M. Ibrar

    October 23, 2011 at 2:16 am

    I am a surgeon and work in a private sector, I ask from all the nation that :To reach at that level I spent almost 65 lakhs and almost 25 years of my golden years in my studying like a hell, enjoyed not a single movement of my life, as belonging from a middle class at times I have to borrow money and continue my studies. I still have to pay that amount of 65 lakhs, it is not a joke to pay such an amount. I have a family of five including me to feed, three children to make them a healthy person in the society, I ask every one, why don’t you pass a bill in the assembly that doctor will not have to pay utility bills, he will not be asked for tuition in the schools for their kids, he will not have to pay at glossary stores for any thing he buy, and everything for him is free.
    A lawyer will take whatever fee he take even from poor one no body asks him for that an architect ask for mouth full of money, an engineer do whatever he likes, a csp do whatever he likes, why doctors are the one whose right full earned money is becoming black money. A doctor never asks a patient to come for the consultation he comes by himself although government has made all kinds of hospitals and the least payed doctors to offer them services.
    Name me a single country where doctors offer free services. Rather this is the educated class which the highly payed for their services in the whole world and they charge patient in thousands of dollars even in a country like Afghanistan.
    Be realistic you pay the doctor properly define a proper health insurance for everyone then the same doctor will become a Masiha in every ones eye because you are not paying any more.
    four months back I was payed 16000 per month working as`a medical officer in a remote hospital, only my car fuel expense to reach there was 10000 per month, with no nearby residence and all government residence were occupied, forget about my other needs with a family of five. I am at the age of 39 and yet i haven’t payed a single paisa to my parents who are looking forward for their son to get a prosperous man of this society. Rather with great difficulty I am just hand to mouth for my kids and spouse. and this not just me I know more than thousands of doctors who are at the same level and that is my circle not to think of those I do not know. In-spite of that the usual time I go on duty is 7:30am and I come home at 10:30pm at night, and very rarely I see my kids awake. What kind of services does this nation need, tell me one other job of this duration, and even on weekend I have to do the job. and in return I get as a doctor this response that we are the one who looted the Pakistan.
    Let me remind you the doctors you see with a good car, a house of his own to live in and some bank balance are near their 60s of life and still working to get their family life running. And this true that just to stand on their feet, doctor is at the age of 40. While I was studying my 90% of non-doctor friend were having all, almost all the luxurious life one could have imagined had that in their life. Why the doctor is not payed the kind of services he gives and why a doctor is asked for the fee he asks for his services?
    I give only one example there is a motor mechanic who is expert in the efi engines computer works and he is not a proper engineer just a mechanic for just consultation to find out the cause of any trouble in the engine he asks 10000, every thing else will be charged after that if the person agrees to do work on him, and the customer has to pay for all other expenses, that what he is charging for a man made machine and there is no value for the Allah’s made machine for their consultation for a qualified person.

  5. FD Sheikh

    October 29, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    I thoroughly respect your stance. I second, Doctors’ community deserves facilities just like those of bureaucrats or may be more than it. But there are some points that need to be dealt rationally, not emotionally. See bro, if government doesn’t give me what I deserve actually, it doesn’t mean I slay others for my rights. I would like to mention a recent example. I was suffering from dengue. A mere 30 seconds visit of doctor costed me 2000 k. Is it justified to slay human beings economically against what a doctor sacrifice in their youth? I could afford the fee somehow, so I did. But what’s the fault of a poor, who is asked to submit 14 lakh in hospital’s account BEFORE any operation? It is A REAL TIME EXAMPLE. And I can cite many others.
    I can understand your difficulties. You are absolutely right 15 k is simply nothing in this inflation stricken era, but through this write up I wanted to bring to light factors I mentioned above. Who is at fault? It is simply owing to unequal distribution of wealth, I believe.

  6. Mohammad Ibrar

    October 30, 2011 at 1:18 am

    Sorry about the emotional part about my statement, by the way I was just representing those including me of the sort I see in my field, but you are answering by your self what you are asking doctors that is you could afford and you went to the doctor by your choice although there are government hospitals where are doctors serving people. I have worked in a government hospital the daily dealing of that hospital was near 10000 patients and those were daily. what do you think what are doctors doing there and the daily done operations were 100 patients daily and that is the minimum figure I am telling you. What do you think these patients are not human being. what you are telling is the emotional statement, because you think you suffered by paying on your on will for your comfort. what do you think why people pay for a high class buss or train or plane ticket, can’t that passenger go in a simple buss full of passenger and traveling either standing or sitting on the floor of bus like other people, but he on his on will pay for the upper class ticket, who is compelling him for that and why not people object there about the high fare they are giving for their journey. You know things are very simple when ever you commercialize any thing it becomes costly, that doctor after doing his regular government service he is giving service on payment, although he can rest the whole day, just like after a school teacher after his tiring job go and do teach students on payment as a tutor. I do not know why is such an aggravation against the doctor working in his spare time spending his resting time and energies to serve those are willing to pay for the comfortable service they are asking for?
    And if you are asking for the cleanliness or issues of not having drugs or lack of facilities for patients in the government hospital then it is not in the hands of a doctor this is all to be asked from the government, why these hospitals are not up to the mark. I am sure your kids if you have any will be in a private school the why people prefer private schools instead of government schools? why are people paying 10 times more money each and every month for their kids. My argument will be, please think logically, not emotionally. No doctor is going to the patients home and robbing him of his money, rather patient comes to him and asks him for a service which he thinks would be better for him. I my self always go to the government hospital when ever I am sick and never asked for any special protocol what usually people like you ask there, my three kids delivered in the government hospital and all delivered by the junior most doctors present in the hospital by that time. I take my parents and my parents in law to the government hospital for if require any treatment. My son one week back had an injury to his little finger I took him to the government hospital stood in the line and the junior most doctor gave the opinion in the emergency and I went home I did not shouted in the hospital that where is the consultant so that he come and see my son and that is what the patients and there relative thinks when they will reach the hospital they will be given red carpet welcome there, instead when they have to wait for there turn they start shouting and complaining. I had my son after his birth to be admitted in the nursery of a government hospital for 10 days, and I and my wife who is also a doctor, have sleep on the floor of that hospital for 10 nights like all other patient attendants, we did not complain for any protocol.
    From now onward you decide that you will only go to the government hospital asking no special protocols and stand in the line waiting for your turn and shouting that I am not given all the facilities of a private hospital things will be OK. If I and my wife who are qualified consultants in our fields do not complain and go to government hospital why can’t you and other billionaires can go and stand in the lines ask your self? and let me remind you that I am not even given a single extra protocol in these hospitals and I have to wait for my turn also!


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