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ears! Just a few drops of ‘brackish water’ with a bird’s eye view. But the significance of tears can be observed when someone wants to cry but cannot just because of the world outside. These tears remain within the eye like an acid that keeps on burning the soul and drops like blessing of freedom in the hours of loneliness.

According to my observation, tears are something extra to express your feelings to someone close to your heart or who is an inhabitant of your heart when words fail to support you. Tears guide the afflicted heart to achieve a state of relaxation and tranquillity. Feelings, which are not expressible in words, can be articulated in the form of tears.

Let’s talk about the types of tears. Are you surprised? Don’t you think that tears have different types? Yeah! They do. There are uncontrollable tears and controllable tears.

Tears of the first type are involuntary. They are much sacred, close to heart and truly describe the nature of human being. These tears enlighten the dignity of human beings. Although other creatures also weep and shed tears, they lack feelings and emotions.

These tears are sub-divided into:

· Tears of happiness
Tears of helplessness

Tears of happiness adorn the human eye when the human heart and mind touch the highest level of contentment and tranquillity. That’s why these tears are called ‘Tears of happiness’. When you achieve something that you desperately wanted, these tears automatically shed from the eye and beautify your achievement. Tears shedding from the eye of a poor mother who brings up her only child without the support of his father and one day her child stands in front of her mother as a doctor; truly describe tears of happiness. Drops of water emitting from the eyes of a student who has topped in the university is another example of tears of happiness.

Tears of helplessness are meant for those wretched people who have to accept the bitter reality destined to them by nature. The people, who have to kneel in front of the society due to their poverty or due to the culture and rituals established in the society, are destined to shed these tears. Usually, tears of this type are gifted to the poor and powerless people, especially to women in a society like ours. A woman, who can’t stand up for her rights, has to shed tears of helplessness.

A poor father, who can’t fulfil the basic necessities of his children, can’t gather dowry for his young daughter, has to taste the bitter tears of helplessness and sometimes only death gives him an escape from shedding sombre tears of deprivation.

As far as controllable tears are concerned, they don’t mean a lot as compared to uncontrollable tears. They can be taken as salty water, whether they are shedding from the eyes of a child yearning for a candy or from the eyes of a greedy wife, yearning for jewellery. These tears have many kinds but I would like to share one which is not much tricky for the people of our society. Have you reached there? Yes…right, I am talking about Crocodile tears. These tears are quite difficult to shed, but are the easiest one for most of the people in our culture and society. Tears shedding from the eyes of a greedy relative, a mean friend or an insincere fellow, are common examples of crocodile tears. One thing that often perplexes me is that people shedding crocodile tears are much relaxed and enjoy the situation from “inner self”. It’s due to their frail faith that crocodile tears calm their inner self when they succeed in the purpose of shedding crocodile tears.

What do you think about the tears shed from the eyes of a bride? If we analyse the psyche of the girls, we come to know that sensitive natured girls stop shedding tears of happiness at that particular moment. Even though today’s generation is bit more advanced and modern, this advancement can’t overcome the emotions and feelings of a woman.

In a nutshell, tears are most delicate and fantastic way to express one’s feelings not in words but in a special way, which is quite close to heart and mind. Let’s promise to serve the tears by removing those shedding from the eyes of poor girls, helpless fathers, hungry children and needy people.

(DAWN, 14 July 2007)

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  1. Momal Mushtaq

    September 23, 2008 at 6:47 am

    A very, very sweet article! =P


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