Website Review-Kids-Spell

22 Apr

To be able to do well in a spelling contest, you need to do more than gobble up almonds and pursuing innovative skills to memorise a range of tricky English words. The site can be of help to aspiring bee contest challengers.

The website in review, though, lacks eye catching graphics and mellifluous presentation, however, it fulfils its chief purpose quite handsomely. It is offering more than 400 lessons which contain a smart collection of tricky words for young learners. The students, after memorising a lesson, are welcome to test themselves in eight different interesting games which include, ‘Missing letter match’, ‘Letter drop’, ‘Scramblers’, ‘Spelloons’, ‘The Spellerioums’, ‘Cast a Spell’, ‘Spellify’ and ‘Spellasaurus’.

Apparently, it may seem an exaggerating statement, however, this purposeful site has a decent package for both immature and advance learners. The feature of the site which supports this claim is the ability to create one’s “own list of words” to practise in different games presented here. And, in fact, it is a wonderful attribute of Kidspell.

With maxim of “Making education fun and free”, Kids-Know-It Network of the site is providing a free portal into the many exciting facets that make up our universe and many educational websites for young minds which are very easy to access and understand. The best thing about it is that it’s all free of every cost.

(YW Dawn, 18 April, 2009.)

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