Website Review-FamilyFun

08 Apr

1I know these days most of you would be scratching your heads to come up with some cheery pranks to on this April Fools’ Day. Though the pranks that are usually played are cheerful, but they are sometimes not decent enough and result in sheer agitation or embarrassment. However, this year there’s no need to be worried, as has a lot to offer in this regard.
The website, under the tag “April Fools’ Day”, offers a number of silly pranks divided into a variety of groups — food pranks, silly-school pranks, easy at-home pranks, prank-videos and so forth. They are not only downloadable but can also be printed with a single mouse click. And you know, it’s not the end, if you’ve some bubbly idea pertaining to this fun-day, you’re also welcome to share this with the entire world. The best thing about this delighted portion of the website is that, without getting someone’s goat, the silly ideas shared here are equally amusing for the “trickster” and the “target”. Besides April Fool’s Day pranks, the site under discussion has a complete package for family fun. Be it recipes, parties, crafts, games, travel or magazine, you’ll find all of these under this web address. Also, it’s really exciting to watch FamilyFun TV on the very same window. But friends beware; the site is also encouraging your parents by offering a handsome range of pranks to be played on their kids. So, what’re you looking for? Just minimise this window, log on to and have lots and lots of fun. Cheers!

(28 Mar, 2009. YW, DAWN)

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